New Supplier Option

Your Strategic Sourcing Team has solutions for you.

Do you not have a Procard? Does the vendor only take credit cards? Do you need to make a transaction that is not allowed on ProCard? We can help. Payment Services has created a new supplier ID option. The new option is:

Supplier ID# 0000046418  –  Supplier CREDIT CARD ONLY

This option can be used for any of the following situations:

    • Supplier only allows payment by credit card and you/your department do not have a ProCard.
    • Credit Card payment required for purchase, but not allowable on department ProCard due to ProCard restrictions.
    • Your Procard has reached its limits and a new purchase is needed utilizing a Contracts and Procurement ProCard.
    • Your purchase is over the established ProCard limits and is a credit card only purchase.
    • Subscription of online services with TRIA approval which is required by the vendor to be paid with a credit card.
    • Website services for renewal without authorization.
    • A Strategic Sourcing Team member has instructed you to submit a request via this method.

Q:  When not to utilize this option?  

A:  When the ProCard Guidelines indicate the purchase is allowable and within your ProCard limits. 

​Using the Supplier ID# 0000046418  –  Supplier CREDIT CARD ONLY will allow a faster requisition entry, eliminate the need for a vendor profile, and ensure your credit card requisitions are handled promptly.

Contracts & Procurement Team members will review requisitions and determine if the request is allowable in accordance with the Procure to Pay Guidelines and CSU policy. Should you have any questions, please contact for assistance.

Procurement to Payment Services

Dear Campus Community,

In response to the heightened restrictions surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, the Procurement to Payment Services team would like to ensure you we remain available to you to fulfil your needs.


Should you need to purchase supplies, please continue to enter requisitions. This is especially recommended for items that require shipment to individual homes and will need to be tagged as University property.

If you need to purchase an item immediately, please work with your department ProCard holders to facilitate purchases. Please be advised that orders initiated in the Campus Marketplace cannot be redirected to your home.

ProCard holders should follow normal ProCard protocols for the purposes reconciliation. For items purchased in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, please make sure you are using the class code below in your reconciliations.

  • Class Code: 4716 Coronavirus COVID-19 Incident


At this juncture, check runs will be done once a week, on Thursdays. Please continue to submit invoices for payment to ensure continuous payment to our suppliers. Many of them will be facing financial challenges during this time.

Should you have any questions, please contact Finance Support at and they will direct your request accordingly.

Changes to the ProCard/GoCard Application Process

We are excited to announce some changes to the ProCard and GoCard Application process that should make requesting a card and updating your information much more intuitive!

In order to simplify the application process, we have combined the ProCard and GoCard application forms so that you can request both cards with a single form.  You will be prompted to provide chartfield and spending limit information for one or both cards, based on whether you select ProCard, GoCard, or ProCard & GoCard.  Once you submit the application form, it will route to your approving official for review and signature.

We have also created a new ProCard/GoCard Update Request form that lets you notify Accounts Payable about changes to your name, approving official, default chartfields, and spending limits.  You can also use this form when you transfer to a new department or need to close an account.  This new ProCard/GoCard Update Request Form will require less information than the application form and will help you navigate changes in your office or your job.  This request form will also route to your approving official for review and signature.

You can access the new ProCard/GoCard forms on our website, via the DocuSign application, or by clicking on the following links:

ProCard/GoCard Application

ProCard/GoCard Update Request