Asset Services: Tracking University Property for Home Use

With the majority of the campus working from home during the COVID-19 Shelter in Place, Asset Services has created a simple Google Survey to track the University property that is being used by our staff and faculty at home. In addition to using the Property Check Out Policy/Authorization form, departments can follow the instructions below to save their own versions of the equipment survey to help keep track of who has what equipment.

1)  Click on Telecommuter Equipment Survey folder in Google Drive.

2)  Right-click on the “Telecommuter Equipment – *Enter Department Name*” file and create a copy which should automatically save in your My Drive.

3)  Go to My Drive, locate the file and right-click on it to rename it by removing “Copy of” and adding your department name to replace this text… *Enter Department Name*.

4)  Double-click to open the file. In the first line of text under the title, add your contact information for department-related questions.

5)  To protect the original document, the existing questions/fields cannot be changed; however, new questions can be added anywhere in the form.

6)  Next, to know when respondents submit their surveys, click on “Responses,” then the 3 vertical dots next the green Google Sheets icon and select “Get email notifications for new responses.”

7)  Click Send.
a. Enter individual email addresses or if you have a distribution list, enter that name.
b. Add a personalized message if desired. Check “Include form in email” to save time for your respondents.
c. Click Send.

8)  When responses come in, return to the survey and click on Responses.

9)  Click on the Google Sheets icon to create a spreadsheet of the collected data. The default file name will be your survey name with “(Responses)” added to the end, hit save. The spreadsheet will be located in your Google drive. Format spreadsheet as desired.

10)  As new responses come in, repeat steps 7 and 8.

If you have any issues or questions about how to use the survey or access your Google Drive, please contact Sonja Bowsky, the Distribution and Asset Services Manager, at 408.924.1592 or and she will be happy to assist.





Tagging & Inventory Requirements for Sensitive Equipment Purchases

Campus Purchase Approvers:

In response to CSU Special Audit 1491 – Recommendation 13, this message is to serve as a reminder and directive for compliance regarding the handling of Sensitive Electronic Equipment in accordance with SJSU Standards and CSU Policy.

Sensitive Electronic Equipment is defined as any items which are at high-risk for theft or could be used to store highly secret information.  This definition includes Workstations, Laptops and Tablets capable of storing confidential data, even those under the $5,000 accounting threshold upheld by the SJSU Property Office.

Per ICSUAM8065 and SJSU Standards:

1.      Each department is responsible for both physically securing and maintaining an accurate inventory of all Sensitive Electronic Equipment.  This inventory shall include equipment purchased by or on behalf of individuals within the department as well as through alternative purchasing methods such as ProCard or the Workstation Refresh Program.  Departmental inventories shall include at minimum:  Make, Model, SJSU Tag Number and either location or owner.

2.      Each department shall audit this inventory on an annual basis and produce a list of Sensitive Electronic Equipment for my review as part of the campus Annual Information Security Risk Assessment.  These procedures are for the purpose of prevention of theft/loss and safeguarding confidential data.

Physical tags shall be provided by IT Services to departments upon request.  Please contact the Information Security Office with any questions or to request tags at

Thank You,

Mike Cook
Director, Identity, Security, and Desktop Services
Information Security Officer,  IT Services
San José State University
408.924.1705 (Desk & Cell)
805-674-1884 (Text)

Inventory of University Equipment

The one-time inventory and retagging of university equipment by AssetWorks, Inc. (see message from the Vice President of Administration & Finance below) has been completed.  We wish to thank all of you for your cooperation and patience in dealing with the inevitable disruption caused by a project of this magnitude.

AssetWorks is currently analyzing the results of the inventory and will produce a report next week of equipment listed in our Asset Management system that they did not find and vice versa.  After we receive that report, we will follow up with the appropriate custodian departments to locate missing equipment or record its disposition.
If you have any questions, please contact Ruben Araiza, Property Coordinator in Accounting Services at 4-1595 or .  Thank you again for your cooperation.

VPA&F’s message:

SJSU has contracted with AssetWorks, Inc. to inventory all university equipment, and to re-tag the equipment using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags. (RFID tags can be scanned from a distance, which means the inventory can be performed faster.)

AssetWorks is scheduled to conduct the physical inventory from March 26  through April 13. During this three-week period we ask each department on the main and south campuses to have someone available who can help AssetWorks personnel locate the equipment. We are not able to give you a specific time during which your department will be inventoried, but we will try to give you as much advance notice as possible.