Maintaining Employee Addresses for Reimbursement

To better assist our employees during the reimbursement process, we’re adding a pop-out window in FTS that explains how to update your address in our systems.  This primarily impacts users who receive paper reimbursement checks.  If you still receive paper checks, we highly recommend you sign up for Employee Reimbursement Direct Deposit (not the same as Payroll Direct Deposit) as it is more efficient for receiving payment for your reimbursement requests.

For employees that have signed up for Employee Reimbursement Direct Deposit, the mailing address will not have an impact on their reimbursement, but an outdated address may inadvertently cause confusion. In these cases, you must contact the Supplier Maintenance Coordinator to manually update your address.

Moving forward, you will now see a hyperlink – “Need to update this address?” – under Employee/Student Reimbursements and Travel Authorizations/Reimbursements. This hyperlink will generate a pop-out window with instructions on how to update your address in our systems.  Changes will be reflected in FTS within 3 days.

(Click on images to enlarge)

Figure 1: New Hyperlink on Employee/Student Reimbursement

Screenshot of the Employee Reimbursement Module

Figure 2: New Hyperlink on Travel Authorizations/Reimbursements 

Screenshot of the Travel Authorization Module

Figure 3: New Message for SJSU Address Change

Screenshot of the FTS Pop Out Window

Monthly Position Funding Reminder

To personnel with Labor Cost Distribution (LCD) responsibilities, this is the monthly reminder to confirm your salary information by running your LCD Setup Audit. If you would like access to this report, please submit a Peoplesoft HR Access Request.

For temporary funding changes, submit a temporary appointment funding request to FinanceConnect.
For permanent funding changes, submit a position management request to University Personnel.

Any changes to the distribution of funding for payroll expenses that you would like made for December 2023 payroll must be received no later than Monday, December 15th at 5:00pm.

We cannot guarantee that change requests received after the deadline will be captured for the December payroll cycle.

Important Reminders:

  • For faculty who are on release time, please review the Reimbursed Time Authorizations guidelines.
  • Payroll expenditures will represent the months of July 2023 through June 2024 for Fiscal Year 2023.
  • Positive pay expenditures (e.g. student salary and overtime) will represent the months of June 2023 through May 2024 for Fiscal Year 2023.

For more information, you can visit our Labor Cost Distribution page or contact FinanceConnect at or 4-1558.