Chartwells – Supplier Name Update

Chartwells, SJSU’s Food Service Provider (i.e. Spartan Eats), has updated their supplier name in FTS. Please note their new name in the system is COMPASS GROUP. The supplier ID still remains the same at 0000042028.
The company remains the same, as Compass Group is the parent company of Chartwells Higher Education.
Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Raymond Luu, Associate Director of Commercial Services at

Catering Policy

Updates were recently made to the Catering Policy list of approved vendors. Spartan Shops is our recommended and primary vendor to fulfill campus catering needs.

Spartan Shops offers delicious, fresh foods, creative menus, and friendly, professional service. They cater for a wide range of events with options such as box lunches, simple snacks, or just coffee. In addition, they can provide full meals with main courses such as filet mignon and poached salmon.

SJSU requires insurance documentation and health certificates from all caterers that provide on-campus catering services. For this reason, all caterers must be pre-approved by SJSU.

If you have any questions, should Spartan Shops be unable to accommodate your request or if you wish to use a different caterer, please contact Luis Garcia, Contracts & Purchasing Service Buyer, at or 4-1559.

Catering Policy: