Changes to Finance Course Names

Finance and Business Services has updated its training course list for continuity purposes. Courses are named as follows:

  • FIN101 Introduction to Finance
  • FIN102 ProCard Program Overview
  • FIN103 GoCard Program Overview
  • FIN104 Requisitions and Vouchers
  • FIN105 Purchase Order Receipting
  • FIN106 Finance Data Warehouse
  • FIN107 Budget and Expense Transfers
  • FIN108 HR Expense Adjustments
  • FIN201 Finance Overview for Managers
  • FIN202 ProCard/GoCard Overview for Approving Officials
  • FIN301 ProCard/GoCard Reconciliation Workshop

Please note that the following courses (or their equivalents) must be completed before CMS Security will grant Finance System Access:

  • FIN101 Introduction to Finance
    Required for Staff to request Level 1 Create or Level 2 Create+ access.
    Equivalent Courses: FIN009, FIN001, FNOL01, GEN001.
  • FIN201 Finance Overview for Managers
    Required for Managers (MPPs) and Department Chairs to request Level 3 Approval access.
    Equivalent Courses: FIN007, FIN002, GEN002.

Employees are welcome to submit requests for Finance & Business Services Training.
The ProCard and GoCard training courses are scheduled after employees submit a ProCard/GoCard application or update form.


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