Copier Toner and Printer Cartridge from Unauthorized Sellers

It has been brought to the Campus Copier Coordinator’s  attention that vendors claiming to be university authorized copier toner/printer cartridge resellers have been contacting departments to obtain printer/copier model numbers in an attempt to sell cartridges at a discounted price.  If the department discloses the information, the vendor will then ship items and invoice the university at an inflated price, usually several times more than what the university pays from our authorized suppliers.

Please be advised to never give equipment and department information to unsolicited callers. Printer cartridges should be ordered from Office Max; while copier toner cartridges are supplied through the Campus Copier Program (CCP) as part of the base fees paid for being a participant in the CCP.

If you have any questions, please contact FinanceConnect at 4-1558 or  .

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