New Requirements for USPS Business Reply Mail

Effective immediately, the U.S. Post Office requires a new intelligent bar code for all business reply mail (BRM) envelopes. The U.S. Post Office requires BRM envelopes contain the following:

  • The department name must be added above San Jose State University (other text changes are not allowed)
  • Do Not Enlarge, reduce or move the FIM and POSTNET barcodes; they are only valid as printed.
  • Special care must be taken to ensure FIM and POSTNET barcodes are actual size and placed properly on the mail parcel to meet both USPS regulations and automation compatibility standards.
  • Envelope sizes must be either:

Examples of the envelopes can be found at the following link:

Your department may continue to use existing inventory of BRM envelopes until depleted, or further notice from the U.S. Post Office. Please contact Distribution Services with any questions at 4-1592.

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