Create/Update Vendor, Employee, and Student Information in FTS

Whether you have a question regarding a vendor, an address to update, or have a new vendor that needs to be created in order to pay… is here for you!  Communicate your vendor maintenance needs to us with our new dedicated email address.

Having the vendor ready to select or just updating a vendor address before you create your Direct Payment or Reimbursement request will help reduce delays in processing.  Also, when you review your voucher history in FTS, you will see the vendor’s name and not just a blank space.

We encourage you to use in order to help us, help you! Please allow 3-5 business days to process requests.

To determine if a vendor or employee/student exist in FTS, use the look-up feature. If they do not exist in FTS, please follow the appropriate instructions below:

Direct Payment to Vendors

  • When requesting goods/services from a new vendor, have them complete the Vendor Data Record Std. 204 form.
  • Before creating the Direct Payment request, send the Vendor Data Record Std. 204 form to along with the following information:
    • Vendor Name
    • Remittance Address
    • Description of Payment

Reimbursements to Students

  • Prior to creating a Student Reimbursement request, send an email to vendor-request@sjsu.eduwith the following information:
    • Student Name
    • Student ID
    • Mailing Address
    • Description of Payment

Employee or Travel Reimbursements to University Employee

  • If address in FTS is not correct-
    • Did employee change address in HR/SA (MYSJSU) system?
      • If no, then address needs to be updated in HR/SA. Allow 24 hours for the update to be reflected in FTS.
      • If yes, then do you have an Employee Reimbursement Direct Deposit set-up with Accounts Payable?
        • If no, please contact CMS Help Desk for assistance.
        • If yes, please email request to to update information in FTS because the Direct Deposit set-up will prevent auto updates from occurring.

Intermittent Employees

  • Employees who are active or inactive at different times may or may not be available to select for Reimbursement or to submit Travel.
  • If employee is not in FTS, then please contact vendor-request@sjsu.edufor further assistance and include the following information:
    • Employee Name
    • Employee ID
    • Mailing address
    • Description of Payment

New Requirements for USPS Business Reply Mail

Effective immediately, the U.S. Post Office requires a new intelligent bar code for all business reply mail (BRM) envelopes. The U.S. Post Office requires BRM envelopes contain the following:

  • The department name must be added above San Jose State University (other text changes are not allowed)
  • Do Not Enlarge, reduce or move the FIM and POSTNET barcodes; they are only valid as printed.
  • Special care must be taken to ensure FIM and POSTNET barcodes are actual size and placed properly on the mail parcel to meet both USPS regulations and automation compatibility standards.
  • Envelope sizes must be either:

Examples of the envelopes can be found at the following link:

Your department may continue to use existing inventory of BRM envelopes until depleted, or further notice from the U.S. Post Office. Please contact Distribution Services with any questions at 4-1592.

Copier Toner and Printer Cartridge from Unauthorized Sellers

It has been brought to the Campus Copier Coordinator’s  attention that vendors claiming to be university authorized copier toner/printer cartridge resellers have been contacting departments to obtain printer/copier model numbers in an attempt to sell cartridges at a discounted price.  If the department discloses the information, the vendor will then ship items and invoice the university at an inflated price, usually several times more than what the university pays from our authorized suppliers.

Please be advised to never give equipment and department information to unsolicited callers. Printer cartridges should be ordered from Office Max; while copier toner cartridges are supplied through the Campus Copier Program (CCP) as part of the base fees paid for being a participant in the CCP.

If you have any questions, please contact FinanceConnect at 4-1558 or  .