CSU Travel Procedures & DAAFE Update

Payment Services has made improvements to the Travel Lodging approval process.

CSU has a nightly lodging limit of $275 per night (excluding taxes and fees).  SJSU has updated its policy to allow Associate Vice Presidents and College Deans to pre-approve any lodging rate over the allowed limit. Documented pre-approval of any rates exceeding the $275 per night limit should be documented through our newly established Maximum Lodging Limits Justification DocuSign form. The form can be found in the Forms Page of our website.

FinanceConnect has updated the Delegation of Authority for the Approval of Financial Expenditures Guidelines (DAAFE) to include Travel Lodging approval requirements.

For additional information, please refer to the SJSU Travel Guide. If you have questions, please contact FinanceConnect at financeconnect@sjsu.edu or 4-1558.

SJSU Travel Guide – Revisions Released September 20, 2017

The current revisions to the Travel Guide are intended to further clarify trip information required to facilitate and to help ensure, the proper review and approval of university business travel expenses.

The revised requirements are effective as of the release date, September 20, 2017, however, Accounts Payable will not begin enforcing the changes until October 1st.  Please use this time to begin sharing this information with travelers, requestors, reviewers, approvers, and any others who would be interested in these changes, as summarized in the following table:

Section(s) Revised Summary of Revision(s) Travel Document Type Revision Date

Page 5 – Responsibilities

Traveler Responsibilities

Additional requirements or clarification:

  • Clearly state business purpose and inclusive trip date range.
  • Conference/meeting agenda.
  • “Business meeting” must identify who with and for what purpose.
  • Personal time added onto a business trip must be identified.

Travel Authorization


Travel Reimbursement



Page 12 – Rental Cars


Text added to require business justification for any rental vehicle upgrades. Travel Reimbursement



Page 25 -Appendix E

Out of State Domestic Travel Restriction

Text added to address effective date when states are added to the DOJ restricted list; current list of states shown alphabetically.