January Accounting Period Close

For employees who track or manage department budgets, please note that the month of January 2019 is now closed in CFS.

This means that the General Ledger (GL) system will not accept any more entries with a January journal date. January transactions can still be entered into the GL system, but the journal date must be 2/1/2019 or later. The current period open is February 2019.

February LCD Processing

To personnel with Labor Cost Distribution (LCD) responsibilities, this is the monthly reminder to confirm your salary information by running your LCD Setup Audit.

Any changes to the distribution of funding for payroll expenses that you would like made for February 2019 payroll must be received by Finance Support no later than Wednesday, February 20th at 5:00 p.m.

For temporary appointment funding changes, all requests can be emailed directly to Finance Support at finance-support@sjsu.edu .

IMPORTANT CHANGE: For faculty who are on release time, employee profile requests are no longer required. Please review the new Reimbursed Time Authorizations guidelines.

We cannot guarantee that requests for changes received after the deadline will be captured for the February payroll cycle.

Reminder: Payroll expenditures for Fiscal Year 2018/19 will reflect regular/negative pay for the months of July 2018 through June 2019; positive pay salary expenditures (e.g. student salary and overtime) will represent the months of June 2018 through May 2019. Positive pay for Fiscal Year 2019/20 will reflect expenditures for the twelve month period of June 2019 through May 2020.

Please refer to Labor Cost Distribution for information regarding the LCD process and Temporary Appointment Funding Changes for instructions on completing the Employee Profile form. If you have any questions about LCD processing, please contact Finance Support at finance-support@sjsu.edu or 4-1558.

It’s Happening: Finance is Finally Moving!

After several delays, Finance will finally move our operation to an off-campus location in downtown San Jose.  Finance areas: Accounts Payable, Accounting Services, Budget and Financial Management, Contracts and Purchasing Services, Finance Support, and Risk Management will relocate from Clark Hall to 60 South Market St.

In order to facilitate the move, our office will be closed on February 7 and 8. Finance will resume regular business hours on Monday, February 11.

How will the Finance Office closure affect campus users?

  • Finance will be unable to quickly respond to inquiries from the campus due limited phone and wi-fi access.
  • Accounts Payable will not process payments for FTS vouchers or PO invoices.
  • Contracts and Purchasing Services will not process Requisitions or issue Purchase Orders.
  • Finance will not post Budget and Expense Transfer Journals from FTS.

What is not affected by the closure?

  • Bursar’s Office and Distribution Services are not moving to the new site. Both departments will be open at their normal business hours and provide services to the campus.
  • Though we will be off-campus, you can continue to send us mail via inter-campus mail and reference our campus extended zip, just as you do now.
  • Financial systems:
    • FTS will be available for users to view, create, submit, and approve transactions.
    • CFS will be available to users to enter PO receipts and to check PO or voucher activity.
    • CFS Data Warehouse will be available to users to run financial reports.

To minimize disruptions to the campus:

If there are any urgent requests for Contracts and Purchasing Services or Accounts Payable, please email Finance Support at financeconnect@sjsu.edu.

To summarize the impact during the Finance Office closure:

  • Purchase Order encumbrances will not be posted.
  • Payments to suppliers, employees, and students will not be made.
  • Budget and expenditure transfers will not be posted.
  • Change Order Requests will be processed within the normal 5 – 7 day time frame.
  • FTS, CFS, and FDW will be available to users.

Please forward this announcement to staff and faculty in your area, as needed.