Requisitions for Products that Qualify to be Purchased with the ProCard


Finance Service Group acknowledges campus departments are working hard to complete year-end challenges.  We greatly appreciate your efforts in helping us meet our fiscal year-end deadlines.

When we presented the fiscal year-end schedule to employees at our What’s Up? Finance event back in April 2013, we asked you to be mindful of our processing time for completing requests.  In addition, we mentioned all Procurement Card charges posted after the May billing cycle would be expensed out of next fiscal year 2013-14.

At this time, Contracts & Purchasing Services has been inundated with requisitions for products that meet the criteria for purchase on the ProCard.  We are requesting  departments to refrain from submitting a requisition to Purchasing Services for such products.  Requestors who have submitted requisitions for items that should be purchased with the ProCard will be notified by the Buyers via email that their requisition will be cancelled and to proceed with the purchase using the ProCard.  This practice is not new and has been in place since last fiscal year.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Fiscal Year-End 2012-13 Schedule

Procurement Pathways


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