FTS Travel Authorization/Reimbursement Enhancement- Activity History Feature

We are happy to announce the addition of a new Activity History feature to the FTS Travel Component. Located below the Routing and Approval Status section, this new feature records a history of all activity associated with a Travel Authorization/Reimbursement. Now, FTS Users will have a more detailed record of action taken on their travel requests, including the date, action, and any comments provided by each level of approval.

Besides recording the history of each Travel Authorization/Reimbursement, the new Activity History feature also:
  • Allows Reviewers/Approvers to add comments when taking action on a Travel Authorization/Reimbursement, regardless of the action type (previously comments were only allowed when Returning or Not Authorizing a request).
  • Captures comments entered by Reviewers/Approvers and includes them in email notifications to the Traveler/Requester when requests are Modified, Returned, or Not Authorized.
We hope you find the new features beneficial in monitoring the activity of travel requests submitted through FTS.

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