FTS System Updates- Direct Payment and Employee/Student Reimbursement Vouchers

In conjunction with the release of the enhanced Travel component in Financial Transaction Services (FTS), slight modifications have been made to the functionality of the Sales Tax and Freight fields within the Direct Payment Vouchers and Reimbursements.

Direct Payment Vouchers
The Chartfield Amount field is now automatically populated by the Invoice Subtotal amount instead of the invoice Grand Total.  This was done to prevent the duplication of Sales Tax and Freight amounts on the CFS voucher.  The Sales Tax and Freight will be charged to the chartfield distribution indicated.

The Sales Tax and Freight fields have been grayed out and are no longer functional, as currently, there is no purpose to having these amounts broken out.  The Invoice Subtotal should be the total amount to be reimbursed and the rest of the amount fields will auto-populate.

Hospitality Expense Justification Form and Guidelines

Please be reminded that a completed Hospitality Expense Justification form must be included as part of your backup documentation for all purchase and payment requests (Requisition, Direct Payment, ProCard, Employee/Student Reimbursement and Petty Cash) for hospitality related expenses. Requests cannot be processed without this form.

Hospitality expense (e.g., food, light refreshments, promotional items) can be incurred for events and activities that support the university’s mission and goals.  Allowable hospitality expense is determined by the Fund used to pay for it.  Refer to Hospitality Guidelines for detailed information pertaining to such expenses.

Hospitality Guidelines: http://www.sjsu.edu/finance/policies_guidelines/hospitality/index.html

Hospitality Expense Justification Form: http://www.sjsu.edu/finance/forms/forms_by_dept/ap_forms/index.html

New! Department Organizational Change Guidelines

Over the last several months, the Finance Service Group has worked to improve the organizational structure change process. We are pleased to present our newly created Department Organizational Change Guidelines, designed to assist campus department end users in identifying tasks to complete when a change to their organizational structure occurs. The guideline provides information on identifying appropriate change types, how to request the change, and identifies tasks that may need to be completed once the change is processed.

Along with the guideline, we have a new Organization Change Request form, to submit to the University Budget Office to initiate the change process. We have also developed a Checklist, which includes the contact information and tasks which may need to be completed when an organizational change takes place.

These new resources are available on the Finance website: http://www.sjsu.edu/finance/campus_resources/dept_org_changes/index.htm

If you need assistance, please contact your Budget Analyst in the University Budget Office at 4-1558.