Faculty Research Expenditure Tracking

To align with SJSU’s strategic goal to enhance faculty research, all divisions are required to track research expenditures for reporting purposes. Academic Affairs Division implemented two new fund numbers -70026 Faculty start-Up and 70031 RSCA Programs- intended to separate start-up and select RSCA expenditures from our ordinary operating budget and introduced the systematic use of faculty class code for expenditure tracking. In the last phase of this transition, departments are asked to track all other research-related expenditures in a similar manner.

Just-in-time Research Expenditures

Effective immediately, please use Program Code R07 with your primary department ID and fund number for any transactions related to research. This includes all just-in-time research expenses that are covered by a department’s CSU Operating Fund budget and/or PaCE funds. The use of faculty class codes is optional.

College and Department-Wide RSCA Programs

Colleges may deposit CSU Operating Funds into Fund 70031 for any organized college- or department-wide RSCA programs, travel and professional development grants, and retention grants offered to their faculty. As with all other RSCA grants in 70031, grant award deadlines may cross fiscal years, and award funds may be carried forward without year-end restrictions. Grant activities will be tracked using Program Code R07 and faculty class codes.

Any questions and concerns should be directed to your college Director of Resources and Operations and college resource and financial analysts.

Spring 2022 Admin Q&A for Faculty RSCA, Start-Up, and Professional Development Funds

Thank you to those who attended our Spring 2022 Admin Q&A for Faculty RSCA, Start-Up, and Professional Development Funds yesterday.  We hope you find the information helpful.

A copy of the presentation is now live on the Hub.  You can find it in the Tools & Resources section in Budget & Finance or access it here.

Please feel free to share the presentation with colleagues who may not have been able to attend.

Spring 2021 Q&A Session for Faculty RSCA, Start-Up, and Professional Development Funds

In order to better assist the department admins in their support role to faculty, the Office of Research has partnered with ABSO to host a Spring 2021 Admin Q&A Session on Thursday, April 8 from 9 am to 10:30 am.

The session will include a short presentation on the different types of faculty funding prior to giving participants an opportunity to ask questions relating to RSCA, start-up, and/or professional development funds. Interested parties may register here.