Now Available: Instructions for Requesting an Out of State Faculty Hire

ABSO has collaborated with Faculty Success, UP, and the President’s Office to offer instructions on requesting an Out of State Hire for faculty positions. The instructions are available under the Human Resources tab on the Hub.

The instructions provide a list of necessary info required on the request form, as well as guidance on how to write a compelling justification for the hire. Remember to keep in mind that you may request such a hire only if you can clearly demonstrate that no one in the state of California, or planning to work in the state of California, applied and/or was qualified for the position. In addition, before proposing an out of state faculty hire, you must ensure that there are no other current part-time (i.e., not at 1.0) lecturers in the department who are qualified and available to do the work.

Please contact for any questions about the process.

Faculty Recruitment Travel Expenses and Campus Visit

For the departments that are interested in bringing faculty candidates to visit the campus or the area, please note the following:  

  • A Travel Approval Request must be completed prior to the visit.  Obtain all necessary approval and submit the form to
  • Departments must use their department GoCard to prepay expenses such as airfare, lodging, and car rentals for auditing purposes.
  • Candidates’ travel expenses that are not prepaid will be reimbursed through a Travel Reimbursement Request.  Follow the instructions on the form, attach the fully executed Travel Approval Request, and submit the claim to
  • If a campus visit is included in the itinerary, no more than one member from the recruitment committee can offer the tour.  

Please note that in-person meetings, such as on-campus committee meetings and interviews, are still restricted at this point. 

Should you have any questions, please contact