Student Assistants for Employment Accommodations

In an effort to realign resources and streamline processes, the Employment Accommodations Resource Center (EARC) will directly appoint student assistants for the AAD employees who need accommodations beginning July 1, 2021. The center will also take over the responsibility of approving hours and paying the students.  AAD departments are no longer required to track those payroll expenses nor report balances.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

Virtual Travel for Students

This message is for employees who process student travel and is meant to offer clarity to the process.

Students are not required to submit a Travel Authorization for virtual conferences/events.  However, if the event changes from virtual to in-person, authorizations are required:

  • If the student is an SJSU employee, submit an authorization request in FTS before the event.
  • If the student is NOT an SJSU employee, fill out the Travel Approval Request form and obtain the necessary approval.

To reimburse a student for out-of-pocket expenses:

Please note that Finance encourages departments to use their GoCard to pay for registration to avoid putting an economical strain on the student.

For more information, please refer to the Virtual Meetings/Conferences FAQs.