Faculty Research Expenditure Tracking

As a reminder, all divisions are required to track research expenditures for reporting purposes. The Academic Affairs Division implemented two new fund numbers -70026 Faculty Start-Up and 70031 RSCA Programs- intended to separate start-up and select RSCA expenditures from our ordinary operating budget and introduced the systematic use of faculty class code for expenditure tracking. Departments were asked in July 2022 to track all other research expenditures in a similar manner.

Just-in-time Research Expenditures

Please continue to use Program Code R07 with your primary department ID and fund number for any transactions related to research. This includes all just-in-time research expenses that are covered by a department’s CSU Operating Fund budget and/or PaCE funds. The use of faculty class codes is optional.

College and Department-Wide RSCA Programs

Colleges may deposit CSU Operating Funds into Fund 70031 for any organized college- or department-wide RSCA programs, travel and professional development grants, and retention grants offered to their faculty. As with all other RSCA grants in 70031, grant award deadlines may cross fiscal years, and award funds may be carried forward without year-end restrictions. Grant activities will be tracked using Program Code R07 and faculty class codes.

Any questions and concerns should be directed to your college Director of Resources and Operations and college resource and financial analysts.

The original blog announcement from July 2022 can be referenced here.

Fall 2023 Assigned Time Reporting

The Assigned Time Data Entry System is now open for Fall 2023. Employees responsible for entering and approving time may log in through the IRSA Assigned Time webpage. For those who are responsible for assigned time reporting but cannot access the system, please request access by filling out the Access Request Form.


  • All Chair approval must be completed prior to college-level approval.
  • All assigned time must be approved at the department and college levels to advance to division approval

Updates to Assigned Time Codes

To comport with the EP&R 76-36: Faculty Workload: Policies and Procedures, the Weighted Teaching Unit (WTU) assignable for excess enrollment has been updated.  Effective Fall 2023, Assigned Time Codes EXENR1 (Excess Enrollment: Between 75-120) and EXENR2 (Excess Enrollment: 120 and above) have been retired; a new code, EXENR, is created for classes with census date enrollment of over 120.

Please refer to the Assigned Time System and Assigned Time Guidelines and Instructions for details.


Please note that all assigned time entries must be entered and approved by the dean no later than Tuesday, September 19, 2023.  Departments should refer to their dean’s office for any internal reporting deadlines.



New! Process for Implementing Organizational Change

Academic Affairs now has an official Process for Implementing Organizational Change. Please refer to this page when a proposal is being made to divide or eliminate an academic unit, merge it with another academic unit, or transfer it to another college.

Please contact abso@sjsu.edu if you have any questions or require further information.

2023-24 Vacant Rate

University Vacant Rate is a budgeted salary range for the cost of hiring temporary faculty to cover instruction normally assigned to a tenure track faculty who have been released from instructional assignments.  The current rate of $6,838 for 3 WTU (or 0.2 FTEF/semester) will remain unchanged for FY 2023-24.

Please refer to the Provost’s Office website for additional information.

If you have any questions, please contact abso@sjsu.edu.

ABSO Training Site

ABSO is pleased to announce that the ABSO Training Site is now live! This site is meant to be a tool that will provide training and professional development opportunities on a variety of topics for employees in Academic Affairs. For example, here you will find the presentation and training materials from our first workshop series. 

This site can also be found directly via the ABSO Hub. Also, the Hub’s front page has been updated to make navigation easier! Tiles have been added, replacing the old selection menu which was on the top right of the page.

Please contact abso@sjsu.edu if you have any questions or require further information.