Changes to Interagency Financial Transactions (IFTs)_Updated Links

Interagency Financial Transactions (IFTs), formerly known as Cash Posting Orders (CPOs).

Beginning FY 2022/23, departments, colleges, and units will be responsible for processing the faculty payment requests via Special Consultant or Category 2403 for funds provided via IFTs. Please refer to the faculty additional employment website under UP for additional information on these types of payments.

University Personnel Faculty Services (UPFS) has approved IFTs that meet certain criteria to be processed directly via the Special Consultant Payment request, bypassing the pre-approval requirement. This only applies when one of the two items listed below is included as part of the IFT supportive documentation.

  • An approved Faculty Engagement form
  • A memo that includes the faculty name,  the scope of work, and the amount to be paid

A budget allocation will be posted to the faculty’s home department with Class Code 1024 – Chancellor’s Office to help identify IFT funds. A copy of the budget journal will be sent to the college and department for their records.

All departments, colleges, and units will be responsible for tracking IFT activities within their area.

Please refer to the AA Resource Hub for additional information.