Chartfield Corrections

This is a reminder to employees who manage department budgets that a change order is submitted to correct encumbrances while an expense journal is submitted to correct actuals. Departments should not attempt to correct the chartfield of an encumbrance through an expense journal, especially when doing year-end clean up, because doing so would distort the roll forward allocation.

Since an option to update the chartfield for existing lines is not available on the change order form, please note the request (updated chartfield, relevant lines, etc.) under the “Request Summary and Additional Details” field.

Links to Finance’s tutorials as well as year-end deadlines are included below.

Change Order Request – deadline June 4
Expense Journal – deadline June 25
2020-21 Fiscal Year-End Deadlines

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Academic Affairs Carry-Forward & Year-End Balances Guidelines

This message is for employees who manage department budgets. 

In order to help departments better understand the division’s carry-forward guidelines and practice for each major state-side fund, we have put together a matrix that explains the specification, the parties responsible to furnish information and complete the year-end process, and the timeline and placement of the roll-forward allocation.

Link to the spreadsheet: Academic Affairs Carry-Forward & Year-End Balances Guidelines

Departments should also consult with their home college as they may have their own internal processes and guidelines that must first be met.

Should you have any questions, please contact