Changes to Interagency Financial Transactions (IFTs)_Updated Links

Interagency Financial Transactions (IFTs), formerly known as Cash Posting Orders (CPOs).

Beginning FY 2022/23, departments, colleges, and units will be responsible for processing the faculty payment requests via Special Consultant or Category 2403 for funds provided via IFTs. Please refer to the faculty additional employment website under UP for additional information on these types of payments.

University Personnel Faculty Services (UPFS) has approved IFTs that meet certain criteria to be processed directly via the Special Consultant Payment request, bypassing the pre-approval requirement. This only applies when one of the two items listed below is included as part of the IFT supportive documentation.

  • An approved Faculty Engagement form
  • A memo that includes the faculty name,  the scope of work, and the amount to be paid

A budget allocation will be posted to the faculty’s home department with Class Code 1024 – Chancellor’s Office to help identify IFT funds. A copy of the budget journal will be sent to the college and department for their records.

All departments, colleges, and units will be responsible for tracking IFT activities within their area.

Please refer to the AA Resource Hub for additional information.

Assigned Time System Update: Open for Data Entry

Thank you for your patience as we worked to resolve the Assigned Time System issues. After troubleshooting with the IT team, IR has resolved the issues employees entering data were experiencing last week. Designated employees are now able to enter and approve assigned time into the system by logging in using the Assigned Time webpage. If you do not have access to the system, please submit an Access Request Form. Reminders:

  1. All Chair approval must be completed prior to college level approval.
  2. All assigned time must be approved at both the department and college level to move forward to division approval.

Departments should refer to their dean’s office for any internal reporting deadlines. Please note that all assigned time entries must be entered and approved by the dean no later than Friday, September 9, 2022.

For any further technical issues, please contact IR directly at For questions about assigned time codes, review the Assigned Time Codes and Instructions or contact

New DocuSign Form: Miscellaneous Payment Request

The Miscellaneous Payment Request form is now available in DocuSign! The form is available on the Hub and is ready for use.

Miscellaneous Payment is a bulk process designed to handle multiple faculty stipend payments, bypassing the standard Additional Employment appointment processes. Due to its special nature, departments in Academic Affairs may use this process only for select payment types:

  • College-authorized department workshops and training participation (stipend payment must be in the range of $140 – $300)
  • Fellowship included in a new hire’s offer
  • Other research fellowship payments with a clear outline of work
  • Summer advising (orientation and general stateside summer advising)
  • Award stipends for teaching associates and graduate assistants

All other faculty payments must be processed through Additional Employment.

Please contact for any questions or concerns.

Professional Program Accreditation Annual Dues

This message is for the department admins who process professional program annual accreditation fee invoices.

A change has been made in how professional program accreditation invoices are processed. Per our previous blog post dated 9/22/21, invoices were to be forwarded to Nikki Mirza in Institutional Effectiveness and Student Analytics (IESA) for processing. Moving forward, please forward these invoices to  IESA’s new mailbox, Please feel free to reach out to this inbox if you have any questions or require additional information.