Update on Recruitment Request Process

Following up on the Provost’s message regarding Budget Adjustments for FY 24/25, please do not submit any recruitments, classification/compensation reviews, stipends, overloads, etc., until the Provost approves your College’s/Unit’s plan for the 6% budget cut.

Additionally, University Personnel has updated the Rationale to Recruit form to be a PowerForm. Please note that we now require the Dean, Vice Provost, or AVP to sign off as the Appropriate Administrator. We also recommend that the DRO or unit manager initiate the request. Please review the process in the Academic Affairs Resource Hub.

If you have any questions, please contact Jessica Larsen at jessica.larsen@sjsu.edu.

Academic Scheduling & Space Management Process Updates for Fall 2024

Lecture Rooms Assignments

Effective Fall 2024, all college-managed teaching spaces that can serve as general-purpose lecture spaces are re-assigned as College Managed Lecture (CLEC) Rooms in MySJSU (PeopleSoft) and our Academic Space Planning (Ad Astra) tool. Colleges or their departments will continue to manage these rooms. Please review the CLEC Guidelines describing the processes, a CLEC Rooms List, and FAQs. 

Academic Scheduling OnBase Forms 

Currently, only two approval steps are required for Academic Scheduling OnBase Forms: (1) the Department Chair/School Director and (2) a College Approver. Starting with the publication of the Fall 2024 Class Schedule on April 16, 2024, all forms will be updated to require four steps after submission:

  1. Department Chair/School Director Approval
  2. College Level Reviewer
  3. Dean/Associate Dean Approval
  4. Provost’s Office Designee Approval

To implement these form updates, the Academic Scheduling OnBase Forms will not be available from April 8-15, 2024.

Fall 2024 Class Schedule Timeline

  • March 25-28, 2024: Departments submit Academic Scheduling OnBase Forms to process final changes, adds, or cancellations to be included in the publication of the class schedule. 
  • March 29, 2024: AS&SM starts processing submitted forms and running various reports to validate the class schedule data for accuracy. 
  • April 11, 2024: AS&SM completes the class schedule by 5 p.m. On April 12 and 15, departments are encouraged to access the MySJSU Department Scheduler Extract or Ad Astra’s Academic Course Planning tool to review the schedule.  
  • April 16, 2024: Enrollment Appointments Viewable on MySJSU for Continuing Students. Class schedule available on MySJSU and sjsu.edu/classes
    • Departments can begin submitting additional class schedule requests using the updated Academic Scheduling OnBase Forms. 
  • April 23, 2024: Advance Registration for Continuing Students period begins.


Email Sarah Schraeder Cisneros, Associate Director, Academic Scheduling and Space Management.

New Process for Recruitments

With the implementation of the soft hiring freeze, effective immediately, the President’s Cabinet will review the justification for all recruitments before posting and at the final stage before an offer is extended. As such, the new Rationale to Recruit DocuSign form is now available and includes multiple levels of approval within the Division and up through the Cabinet. The Cabinet will also review all Temporary Appointments, including Special Consultants and Emergency Hires. The updated process is outlined on the AA Resource Hub.

For job cards awaiting approval in CHRS Recruiting, you must complete the new Rationale to Recruit form. Once approved, upload the signed Rationale to Recruit form to the existing job card, click Submit, and notify the pending approver.

For other requests (Emergency Hire, Casual Worker, Retired Annuitant, Special Consultant) previously submitted and yet to be approved, you must re-submit the request using the new Rationale to Recruit DocuSign form.

Lastly, there will be an updated form for Classification/Compensation requests, including stipends, overloads, etc. More information coming soon.

If you have any questions, please contact Jessica Larsen, jessica.larsen@sjsu.edu.

ABSO Travel Cheat Sheet

To provide quick and easy access to essential aspects of the travel policies, ABSO has created a one-page cheat sheet.

What’s Included:

  • Process Overview: A general breakdown of the request and approval process for travel authorization and reimbursements
  • Important Timeframes
  • Best Practices
  • Documentation Requirements: Clear guidance on the necessary documentation
  • Exceptions: Guidance on the procedure for requesting exceptions to the standard travel policy.
  • Expense Allowances
  • Links: CSU, AAD, & SJSU Finance Travel policy websites;  the new SJSU Travel Claim Worksheet (required for reimbursed expenses for trips Jan. 1, 2024, and after).

You can find the cheat sheet on the AA Resource Hub. Go to “Budget and Financial Management”, and scroll down to the Travel section under “Tools & Resources”.

Click on the image below to go directly to the cheat sheet.

Changes to Interagency Financial Transactions (IFTs)_Updated Links

Interagency Financial Transactions (IFTs), formerly known as Cash Posting Orders (CPOs).

Beginning FY 2022/23, departments, colleges, and units will be responsible for processing the faculty payment requests via Special Consultant or Category 2403 for funds provided via IFTs. Please refer to the faculty additional employment website under UP for additional information on these types of payments.

University Personnel Faculty Services (UPFS) has approved IFTs that meet certain criteria to be processed directly via the Special Consultant Payment request, bypassing the pre-approval requirement. This only applies when one of the two items listed below is included as part of the IFT supportive documentation.

  • An approved Faculty Engagement form
  • A memo that includes the faculty name,  the scope of work, and the amount to be paid

A budget allocation will be posted to the faculty’s home department with Class Code 1024 – Chancellor’s Office to help identify IFT funds. A copy of the budget journal will be sent to the college and department for their records.

All departments, colleges, and units will be responsible for tracking IFT activities within their area.

Please refer to the AA Resource Hub for additional information.