Fall 2023 Assigned Time Reporting

The Assigned Time Data Entry System is now open for Fall 2023. Employees responsible for entering and approving time may log in through the IRSA Assigned Time webpage. For those who are responsible for assigned time reporting but cannot access the system, please request access by filling out the Access Request Form.


  • All Chair approval must be completed prior to college-level approval.
  • All assigned time must be approved at the department and college levels to advance to division approval

Updates to Assigned Time Codes

To comport with the EP&R 76-36: Faculty Workload: Policies and Procedures, the Weighted Teaching Unit (WTU) assignable for excess enrollment has been updated.  Effective Fall 2023, Assigned Time Codes EXENR1 (Excess Enrollment: Between 75-120) and EXENR2 (Excess Enrollment: 120 and above) have been retired; a new code, EXENR, is created for classes with census date enrollment of over 120.

Please refer to the Assigned Time System and Assigned Time Guidelines and Instructions for details.


Please note that all assigned time entries must be entered and approved by the dean no later than Tuesday, September 19, 2023.  Departments should refer to their dean’s office for any internal reporting deadlines.



2023-24 Vacant Rate

University Vacant Rate is a budgeted salary range for the cost of hiring temporary faculty to cover instruction normally assigned to a tenure track faculty who have been released from instructional assignments.  The current rate of $6,838 for 3 WTU (or 0.2 FTEF/semester) will remain unchanged for FY 2023-24.

Please refer to the Provost’s Office website for additional information.

If you have any questions, please contact abso@sjsu.edu.

ABSO training workshop series – Introduction to Budget Management Starts Tomorrow!

This is your friendly reminder to join ABSO this month for an opportunity to learn the basics of budget management. Our first of three training workshops starts tomorrow Friday, 4/14!

This workshop series offers an overview of the commonly used fund types, expense tracking, and reconciliation.  Come and learn how to track all of your financial details on one spreadsheet!  This workshop series will take place virtually over three days – April 14, 21, and 28 between 10 – 11 am.

All department admins new to Academic Affairs or interested in getting a refresher are encouraged to attend.  Please register if you haven’t yet done so using the link provided below before 4/14.



Extension Request for Faculty Startup

To streamline the way startup extension is granted, ABSO has created a DocuSign template to facilitate the approval process.  Faculty who wish to request to request an extension of time to expend against their startup funds should complete the form at least 30 days before the expiration date.  Please be reminded that startup funds cannot be extended beyond the end of a faculty member’s probationary period except for a compelling reason.  In addition, expenditures that exceed the startup budget will be the responsibility of the faculty member’s home department.  Refer to the AAD Startup Funds Guidelines for additional information.


The Extension Request form has embedded conditional routing.  It will be routed to the designated reviewers and approvers based on the faculty’s home college.  Users will only need to enter the name and email of their Department Chair and Admin when initiating the form.


To learn more about the management of startup funds, please refer to the Faculty Startup page on the Hub.  If you have any issues or questions, please contact academic-budgets@sjsu.edu.


Please feel free to share this information with any staff or faculty as appropriate.

Cash Payments to Research Subjects

The Division of Research & Innovation, Research Foundation, and Tower Foundation have jointly published guidelines for cash payments to research subjects.  While cash payments cannot be drawn or reimbursed from state funds, they can be made from competitive and non-competitive awards from federal or private sources, philanthropic grants and awards, and donations managed by the Research Foundation and Tower Foundation.  Please reference the guidelines for the scope, process, and contact information.

This guide can be found on the Hub under Tools and Resources in Faculty Toolkit and Budget & Finance.