Cash Payments to Research Subjects

The Division of Research & Innovation, Research Foundation, and Tower Foundation have jointly published guidelines for cash payments to research subjects.  While cash payments cannot be drawn or reimbursed from state funds, they can be made from competitive and non-competitive awards from federal or private sources, philanthropic grants and awards, and donations managed by the Research Foundation and Tower Foundation.  Please reference the guidelines for the scope, process, and contact information.

This guide can be found on the Hub under Tools and Resources in Faculty Toolkit and Budget & Finance.

Assigned Time Data Entry is Back Up!

The Database and Assigned Time System are both back up.

As a reminder for technical issues, please contact IR directly at,

For other questions and concerns, please contact

Assigned Time Data Entry System is Currently Down

The Assigned Time Data Entry System is currently experiencing issues. IRSA & IT are currently working on troubleshooting the issue(s). ABSO will provide an update as soon as they have more information.

For technical issues, please contact IR directly,

For other questions and concerns, please contact

Spring 2023 Assigned Time Reporting

The Assigned Time Data Entry System is now open for Spring 2023. Employees responsible for entering and approving time may log in through the Institutional Research Assigned Time webpage.  For those who are responsible for assigned time reporting but cannot access the system, please request access by filling out the Access Request Form.  Reminders:

  1. All Chair approval must be completed prior to college-level approval.
  2. All assigned time must be approved at the department and college levels to advance to division approval.

Departments should refer to their dean’s office for any internal reporting deadlines. Please note that all assigned time entries must be entered and approved by the dean no later than Monday, February 13, 2023.

Contact us:


Out-of-State Employment Policy

University Personnel has confirmed from The California State University Chancellor’s Office that faculty hired to teach exclusively and only in special sessions are exempt from the CSU Out-of-State Employment Policy. If you have faculty who reside out of state and you want to hire them to teach online special session courses only, there is no need to request an exemption from Out-of-State Employment Policy.

  • This policy does not apply to individuals who teach both stateside and special session.
  • Qualified California candidates should be considered and hired for these courses if they meet our needs. 
  • Additional resources are listed below regarding the Out-of-State Employment Policy.

Out of State Hire Request Form

Guidance for Administering the Out-of-State Employment Policy Summary