Deposits made at the Bursar’s Office

This message is for all departments that make deposits at Window 1, in the Bursar’s Office.

Please note that all revenue deposits (cash/checks) collected or received by the department need to be deposited into a revenue account when making deposits at Window 1, in the Bursar’s Office. Deposits posted to non-revenue accounts, such as supplies or salary accounts, create abnormal fund balances for Accounting Services. When this happens, the departments will be asked to reclassify the funds into the appropriate revenue account by filling out an Accounting Journal Upload Template (include a Data Warehouse report as backup documentation), and emailing the template to, with “JE-OTHER: Accounting Upload Template” in the subject line.

To ensure that department deposits are done correctly from the beginning, please use one of the two revenue accounts listed below when filling out the Department Deposit cover page:

580020 – Sales & Serv Educ Activities (use when providing educational activities)
580090 – Revenue Others

If you have questions please contact our office or reach out to Accounting Services.