Update on Recruitment Request Process

Following up on the Provost’s message regarding Budget Adjustments for FY 24/25, please do not submit any recruitments, classification/compensation reviews, stipends, overloads, etc., until the Provost approves your College’s/Unit’s plan for the 6% budget cut.

Additionally, University Personnel has updated the Rationale to Recruit form to be a PowerForm. Please note that we now require the Dean, Vice Provost, or AVP to sign off as the Appropriate Administrator. We also recommend that the DRO or unit manager initiate the request. Please review the process in the Academic Affairs Resource Hub.

If you have any questions, please contact Jessica Larsen at jessica.larsen@sjsu.edu.

New Process for Recruitments

With the implementation of the soft hiring freeze, effective immediately, the President’s Cabinet will review the justification for all recruitments before posting and at the final stage before an offer is extended. As such, the new Rationale to Recruit DocuSign form is now available and includes multiple levels of approval within the Division and up through the Cabinet. The Cabinet will also review all Temporary Appointments, including Special Consultants and Emergency Hires. The updated process is outlined on the AA Resource Hub.

For job cards awaiting approval in CHRS Recruiting, you must complete the new Rationale to Recruit form. Once approved, upload the signed Rationale to Recruit form to the existing job card, click Submit, and notify the pending approver.

For other requests (Emergency Hire, Casual Worker, Retired Annuitant, Special Consultant) previously submitted and yet to be approved, you must re-submit the request using the new Rationale to Recruit DocuSign form.

Lastly, there will be an updated form for Classification/Compensation requests, including stipends, overloads, etc. More information coming soon.

If you have any questions, please contact Jessica Larsen, jessica.larsen@sjsu.edu.

Update on Temporary Support Request

As a follow up to Sr. AVP Wright’s message on April 11, 2023 regarding Temporary Appointments, ABSO has updated the Temporary Support Request process and form which can be found on this page of the AA Resource Hub. Note that the Temporary Support Request form on the hub is in DocuSign whereas the one on UP’s webpage is a fillable pdf form which must be downloaded. If you have any questions, please reach out to jessica.larsen@sjsu.edu.

Now Available: Instructions for Requesting an Out of State Faculty Hire

ABSO has collaborated with Faculty Success, UP, and the President’s Office to offer instructions on requesting an Out of State Hire for faculty positions. The instructions are available under the Human Resources tab on the Hub.

The instructions provide a list of necessary info required on the request form, as well as guidance on how to write a compelling justification for the hire. Remember to keep in mind that you may request such a hire only if you can clearly demonstrate that no one in the state of California, or planning to work in the state of California, applied and/or was qualified for the position. In addition, before proposing an out of state faculty hire, you must ensure that there are no other current part-time (i.e., not at 1.0) lecturers in the department who are qualified and available to do the work.

Please contact faculty-success@sjsu.edu for any questions about the process.

Student Assistants for Employment Accommodations

In an effort to realign resources and streamline processes, the Employment Accommodations Resource Center (EARC) will directly appoint student assistants for the AAD employees who need accommodations beginning July 1, 2021. The center will also take over the responsibility of approving hours and paying the students.  AAD departments are no longer required to track those payroll expenses nor report balances.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact abso@sjsu.edu.