Fall 2021 Assigned Time Reporting

This message is for Department Admins, Chairs, Deans, and Associate Deans.

We have had some recent setbacks with Faculty Planner that has forced us to put the platform on hold for the time being. Two key people who worked closely with department users have left Blue Sail Data, and the key programmer in India recently passed away from the COVID-19 virus. Our campus partners in the Budget Office and Contracts have been very supportive during the process, but with the key staff losses at Blue Sail Data, we no longer have the critical support we need to move Faculty Planner forward at this time.  Given the circumstances, the assigned time reporting will have to be done through the regular Assigned Time Data Entry System until further notice.

Institutional Research has responded quickly to prepare the portal for fall 2021 reporting and the system is now open for entry.  To log in, please visit http://www.iea.sjsu.edu/Faculty/assignedtime.php

Departments should refer to their dean’s office for internal reporting deadlines.  Please note that all assigned time entries must be entered and approved by the dean no later than Wednesday, September 8, 2021.

Please contact abso@sjsu.edu for questions and concerns.


Important Dates

August 19……………………………First Day of Instruction
August 31……………………………Last Day to Drop Courses
September 8……………………….Last Day to Add Courses
September 16……………………..Enrollment Census Date

SJSU Teach Online Certificate Summer 2021 Program

The SJSU Teach Online Certificate Program is returning the second year!  The faculty members who have completed this three-week program will receive a stipend payment. Departments may refer to the Teach Online Payment dashboard to review the list of faculty who joined the program as well as the stipend payment status.  Please note that the option to receive professional development funds in lieu of a stipend is NOT offered this year.

Please also be reminded that the entire payment process, from workload review, ESS/Payroll review, to check issuance, could take as long as four weeks.

Teach Online Payment Dashboard:

Select “Summer 21” from the Session filter:


Path on Hub: Budget & Finance > Start-Up & Professional Development > Teach Online Certificate Program > College/Department Dashboard

HEERF First Priority Funding

This message is for the colleges and unis that have received HEERF funding from the division.

The Hub has been updated to include information on the HEERF funding commitments. With the campus opening up access to the HEERF Fund 70602 and encouraging direct expenditures against it, it is important for department users to follow the guidelines when processing HEERF-related transactions.


  • Each project is assigned a unique project number; this number must be used on all transactions.
  • Class code 4716 is also required.
  • POs and PCard charges should be posted directly in HEERF 70602.
  • Continue using CARES Act positions created last year for consultants and student assistants.

Please contact abso@sjsu.edu for questions and concerns.


Student Assistants for Employment Accommodations

In an effort to realign resources and streamline processes, the Employment Accommodations Resource Center (EARC) will directly appoint student assistants for the AAD employees who need accommodations beginning July 1, 2021. The center will also take over the responsibility of approving hours and paying the students.  AAD departments are no longer required to track those payroll expenses nor report balances.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact abso@sjsu.edu.