New Team Member in ABSO

An announcement from Sami Monsur, Senior Director of Academic Budgets, Administration, and Operations:

After a two-year wait, we have filled our vacant Analyst position in ABSO! I am happy to introduce Joanna Gaona to our team! Joanna is a proud Spartan, having graduated from San Jose State in 2015 with a BS degree in Business Administration and Management.

Joanna’s biggest role will be working with the ABSO team to continue streamlining and improving processes in AAD and in partnership with other divisions. She also will work with the division units on their budget and procurement needs.

Joanna also will be managing travel approvals. Many thanks to Melanie Schlitzkus, who had been helping out while this position was vacant; her support was critical especially during the pandemic. We have started transitioning this area of work over to Joanna but they will continue working together until she is fully up to speed.

In the meantime, please make time to introduce yourself to Joanna and welcome her to our team! She is here to help!

Professional Program Accreditation Annual Dues

This message is for the department admins who process professional program annual accreditation fee invoices.

A change has been made in how professional program accreditation invoices are processed. Previously, invoices were forwarded to Undergraduate Education (UE) to cover the cost of the annual dues. Moving forward, please forward those invoices to Institutional Effectiveness and Student Analytics (IESA) for processing. Nikki Mirza, (, 4-3175) will be the new point of contact. Please feel free to reach out to her if you have any questions or require additional information.

Onboarding Checklists – new change management tool!

We are pleased to announce Academic Affairs Division’s Onboarding Checklists are now available on the AA Resource Hub.  This is a new tool designed to streamline the various electronic paperwork and operational tasks needed to bring a new employee into a department. There is a checklist specifically for staff, managers, department chairs, and student assistants. We hope that you will find these useful and would invite feedback as we make occasional updates.

We are also working on other change management tools, such as offboarding and organizational change checklists. More information coming soon.

Enrollment Seat Distribution

Finance has published guidelines on using PaCE for financial expenditures last year.  For those familiar with the existing AAD PaCE Guidelines, the framework of the two guidelines is identical.  Given the similarity in both, AAD will retire its version to avoid confusion.

There are two general rules of thumb when it comes to using PaCE: 

  1. Charge PaCE for direct costs such as instructor salaries and expenses that are solely for self-support programs.
  2. Use the enrollment seat distribution to determine the cost allocation between Op Fund and PaCE for shared/indirect expenses.  

ABSO prepares the Enrollment Seat Distribution report every July to inform the shared cost allocation percentage for the year.  The data is now available on a dashboard in the Hub and is available to all campus users.

Please note that the information presented on the dashboard is to help departments determine an appropriate split for salary and other shared costs.  To better understand how and when to apply the split, please refer to the PaCE Guidelines and consult with your college dean’s office.

Please contact if there are any questions.