ABSO Travel Cheat Sheet

To provide quick and easy access to essential aspects of the travel policies, ABSO has created a one-page cheat sheet.

What’s Included:

  • Process Overview: A general breakdown of the request and approval process for travel authorization and reimbursements
  • Important Timeframes
  • Best Practices
  • Documentation Requirements: Clear guidance on the necessary documentation
  • Exceptions: Guidance on the procedure for requesting exceptions to the standard travel policy.
  • Expense Allowances
  • Links: CSU, AAD, & SJSU Finance Travel policy websites;  the new SJSU Travel Claim Worksheet (required for reimbursed expenses for trips Jan. 1, 2024, and after).

You can find the cheat sheet on the AA Resource Hub. Go to “Budget and Financial Management”, and scroll down to the Travel section under “Tools & Resources”.

Click on the image below to go directly to the cheat sheet.

Student Assistant Information, AY23-24 Tenure Track Faculty Start-Up, and Expired Start-Up & RSCA

Student Assistant (SA) Dashboard Deactivation

The SA Dashboard on the Hub was established to identify faculty-specific and funding-specific positions related to Start-Up and RSCA funds. The Active Position List (APL) was recently upgraded by HRIS and now displays chart field information including class and program codes. This advancement in funding visibility and real-time information eliminates the need for the SA Dashboard, which is manually updated and was last refreshed on August 13, 2023. This was the final update to the SA Dashboard and the APL should be used from now on. 

Running reports at the college level is available on the SA dashboard, but is not yet available in the APL. HRIS is in the process of adding this functionality. When this feature is included, the SA Dashboard will be completely removed from the Hub. This is anticipated to occur within the next week or two.


SA Positions

ABSO creates 1870 and 1874 SA positions for new Start-Up and RSCA. In the past, 1150 positions were created by ABSO. Additional SA positions only should be requested by departments if it is for other job codes. Check if a position already exists by running the APL prior to submitting a PMAF for a new position.  When requesting new positions, be sure to include the information below on the PMAF. After the position is created, run the APL and review the chart field information. If any information is missing, please email position-management@sjsu.edu.

Required Chart Field Information

  1. Pool ID
  2. Funding level
  3. Fund
  4. Class Code
  5. Program Code (if RSCA)

View detailed instructions on the Hub


New Tenure Track Academic Year 23-24 Cohort

  • Locate their Class Code
  • Start-Up funds have been transferred to the faculty’s DeptID and can be seen in Data Warehouse.
    Budgets include OE , and as applicable: research equipment, and computer
  • Student assistant positions 1870 and 1874 have been created. 


Expired RSCA and Start-Up

There is a grace period of two months for expenses to post against expired RSCA and Start-Up funds. Funds expiring on June 31, 2023 will not be deallocated earlier than August 31, 2023. College-issued funds that expired before the end of fiscal year 22-23 will be returned and journal confirmations will be sent out next week.  


Training Materials for Intro To Budget Management

Earlier today, we announced that the ABSO Training Site is now live.  Under “Past Training Courses”, you can find materials that accompany our Intro to Budget Management training series:

  • Slide decks for all sessions
  • Department Funds Tracking Spreadsheet
  • Start-Up, RSCA, and Faculty Grants Tracking Spreadsheet
  • ABSO User Guide for Expense Tracking Spreadsheets



Step 1

Step 2

Step 3


Please contact abso@sjsu.edu if you have any questions or require further information.

Allocating Start-Up or RSCA funds to faculty from your college or department budgets

If you’d like to allocate Start-Up or RSCA funds to faculty from your college or department budgets, a transfer can be requested using a new quick and easy method.  To make a request, use the College or Dept. Issued Start-Up, RSCA, or Professional Development Funds Google Form on the AA Resource Hub


  • Department-level requests should be coordinated with Dean’s office prior to submission. 
  • If funds will be transferred, factor it into your 2022-23 year-end reporting. Please submit requests by June 16, 2023 which allows for two-weeks of processing time by the fiscal year-end. 
  • This form will accept single or multiple requests.  If submitting multiple requests, please use the template that is linked in the Google form. 

This form is available under the Budget and Finance menu, under the RSCA or Faculty Start-Up categories:


If you have questions, please contact Connie Kim at connie.kim01@sjsu.edu.