Internal RSCA Grant Award Process Improvements

Research & Innovation has made some process improvements intended to alleviate the workload both at the college and department levels effective with the 2023-24 grants that were recently awarded.

  1. All faculty internal grants (Seed, Level-Up, Mid-Career) will be awarded for two years.  No spending extension will be granted except for a compelling reason (e.g. illness, pandemic).
  2. Internal grant funds will be allocated in two categories only to eliminate (1) the minutia of tracking expenses by account and (2) the need for reallocation requests.  The two categories are Summer Fellowships and Operating Expenses (OE).  Per past practice, Summer Fellowships funding will remain with the Office of Research, and we will work with University Personnel to have summer payments issued.  OE will act as a catchall to include Student Assistant, Equipment, Travel, Supplies, etc.  We trust faculty to use their grant money in a manner that allows them to meet the original goal of their proposal and we will review their progress when they submit a report at the end of their grant period.
  3. Grants expiring in 2023 will automatically be extended for one additional year only if an extension is submitted.
  4. Small awards (e.g. $500 in professional development funds) are being phased out though you may see a few more being issued due to commitments already made.

Please refer to this Q&A for more information.


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