Lurie College Child Development Lab Preschool Crowdfunding Campaign

Here at SJSU’s Child Development Toddler Lab, we believe that children learn best through play and that our undergraduate students learn best when interacting with children through play. How would you like to join our campaign to enhance the quality of play and learning for our toddlers, families, and students?

If you’re familiar with our Toddler Lab, you know that there is a major need to improve the overall integrity and safety of our current play structure. We have decided to demolish our current structure and build a new play yard that truly helps all children learn through play. In order to accomplish this, we have launched a crowdfunding campaign to ask for help from community members like you.

Due to the Toddler Lab’s closure throughout the COVID pandemic, and the financial impact this has had on our Lab School, we are seeking donations to help create an environment designed to promote opportunities for children to play, learn, and thrive.

Contribute to our Crowdfunding campaign by Saturday, May 29, at

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