Educators of Impact | Dina Izenstark

With the COVID-19 crisis making it abundantly clear the critical role that educators play in our society, Lurie College is recognizing SJSU Educators of Impact who have made a transformative difference in the lives of children, families, and communities.  Learn more about SJSU faculty Dina Izenstark below.  To nominate an SJSU graduate who is an Educator of Impact, please complete this brief Google form.

SJSU Lurie College of Education Child and Adolescent Development Department Faculty Dina Izenstark 2

“Professor Izenstark’s passion for teaching and education is inspiring.  As a professor, she has been a role model on what an approachable, involved, and empathetic professor looks like.  As a first-generation student having a professor that is supportive and builds a school community has helped me succeed.  Thank you, Professor Izenstark!”

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