Update: SJSU @ Work (PeopleSoft HR) Issues

We are still working with the Chancellor’s Office IT team on the reported error messages in SJSU @ Work (PeopleSoft HR) and hope to have a resolution soon.

Please continue to report any issues via email to hr-info-systems@sjsu.edu. We will update you again in one hour.

Thank you for your patience.

Update: Server 500 Error in SJSU @ Work (PeopleSoft HR)

We have contacted the CSU’s technical team regarding the Server 500 Error many of you are still receiving in SJSU @ Work (PeopleSoft HR). At this time the issue is ongoing and not fully resolved. We have logged this as a critical issue and hope to have a resolution soon.

We appreciate your patience and will provide another update in an hour, or sooner if a resolution is in place.

Additional SJSU @ Work Issues Reported

Many of you have reported that you are now experiencing a different issue with SJSU @ Work (PeopleSoft HR): an Error 500 – Internal Server Error message. We have reported this to IT and are working with them on a resolution.

We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your patience. Another update will be sent in one hour unless a solution is put in place before then.

Again, please email hr-info-systems@sjsu.edu with any SJSU @ Work issues you are experiencing.

Earlier SJSU @ Work Issues Resolved

Earlier this morning we learned that some functionality in SJSU @ Work (PeopleSoft HR) was not working properly. We discovered this was due to an overnight process that did not run to success. The process has been rerun and things are now working as expected.

We recommend clearing your browser cache before logging in to avoid any additional issues. However, if you do experience trouble logging in or navigating through the system, please email hr-info-systems@sjsu.edu.

We appreciate your patience.

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