New CSULearn Content

The Chancellor’s Office recently announced the addition of new content in CSULearn. These courses are optional and open to all employees. You can find this information on the CSULearn page of our website. We will also send announcements through this blog when new content is added.

To take one of the courses follow the steps below.

1 .Log into CSULearn

2. Click the search icon from the landing page (see image below)

image of CSULearn landing page

3. The search bar will open

4. Enter (or copy and paste) the name of course into the search field and hit enter (see image below)

image of CSULearn search bar

5. The course will display along with other courses that may be similar

6. Click the name of the course to get started (see image below)

image of course title in CSULearn


If you have any questions or need help with CSULearn courses, please email

Redesigned Training & Professional Development Webpages

University Personnel is pleased to announce our redesigned Training & Professional Development webpages. These pages can be found under MyCareer on the University Personnel website. We hope this redesign helps you find information about training more easily, and provides you with answers to your frequently asked questions. Please feel free to forward this message to others who may not be subscribed to our blog.

We’d love to know what you think! Please email us at with your feedback.

Image of Training & Professional Development Webpage

Image of Training & Professional Development Webpage

Online Training to Support Remote Working

The majority of employees on campus have transitioned to a remote work space and are adapting to a temporary telecommuting lifestyle. We are pleased to announce several optional online training opportunities through CSULearn and LinkedIn Learning to assist you while working from home. Details on the various course offerings are below.

New CSULearn Courses

Several new learning bundles have been released by the Chancellor’s Office that are available for all employees. These courses are optional and can be reached from the CSULearn Library, under CSU’s Professional Development. Course topics include:

  • COVID-19
  • Communication
  • Mindful Meeting Exercises
  • Student Employees (courses designed for our student workers)
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Working Virtually

From the CSULearn main page, click the Library icon:

Once the library opens, click the arrow to open the CSU Professional Development list then click on the item you wish to learn more about:

Questions regarding CSULearn? Email

Recommended Courses in LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning has a wealth of optional courses for your personal development. We have created two training collections specifically focused on Working Remotely and Work-Life Balance:

If you have an existing LinkedIn account and have not yet accessed LinkedIn Learning, you will be prompted to connect your accounts. If you do not have a LinkedIn account you may still view these courses.

Questions regarding LinkedIn Learning? Email