Summer ’13 Grades, Academic Standing & Transcripts

Student GradesView My Grades

Summer ’13 initial grades entered in Approved status will be viewable in MySJSU starting at 8 am on Tuesday, August 20. For instructions, see View My Grades.

View My Academic Standing
& Unofficial Transcript

Academic standing will be viewable under your Unofficial Transcript in MySJSU starting on Wednesday, August 21. For instructions on how to view your Unofficial Transcript, see View My Unofficial Transcript.

Summer ’13 Payments Due May 28

Payment Due Date

Payments for Summer 2013 are due on Tuesday, May 28.

Check Your Balance in MySJSU

View your MySJSU account to see if you have any outstanding charges for Summer 2013.

Failure to pay the balance due will result in your being dropped from your classes. If you can see a fee deferral in the right margin when signed in to your MySJSU Student Center, you do not have to pay at this time and your classes are safe.

More Details

For more information, visit the Bursar’s Office or contact them at 408-924-1601 or

Summer ’13 Registration Appointments Posting April 2

Registration Appointments

Summer 2013 registration appointments will be posted on MySJSU starting April 2. For instructions on how to view your appointments, see View My Enrollment Appointments.

Advance Registration

Advance Registration for Summer 2013 is from 7 am on Monday, April 8 to 11:59 pm on Friday, May 24.

More Information

For details, see the Summer 2013 Registration Calendar.