All Employees Must Complete this Form by Jan 31

All Employees Now Mandated Reporters for Suspected Child Abuse

Per California Penal Code §§ 11164-11174.3 (the California Child and Neglect Reporting Act or CANRA) and California State University Executive Order 1083 (pdf), every CSU employee is now a mandated reporter for suspected child abuse or neglect. Only volunteer employees are exempt.

All Employees Must Complete this Form by Jan 31

To comply with the Executive Order, each employee must complete the Acknowledgment of Mandated Reporter Status and Legal Duty to Report Child Abuse and Neglect form (pdf) and submit it to Human Resources no later than January 31, 2013.

Online Training

An online training course is being developed by the Chancellor’s Office and, once it is available, each employee must complete that as well. We will provide more information about how to do that once the course is available. In lieu of that training, please review the following information outlined in California State University Executive Order 1083 (pdf):

  • Section II: When Reporting is Required
  • Section III: Abuse That Must be Reported
  • Section IV: What is Not Child Abuse?

Reporting Procedures

Section VI of the Executive Order outlines the procedures for making a report and identifies Form SS 8572 Suspected Child Abuse Report (pdf) which must be completed and submitted once the incident has been reported.

Per the Executive Order, we have designated the Associate Vice President for Human Resources, currently Jim Cimino, as the Mandated Reporting Coordinator for San José State. All other managers in Human Resources have been designated as the backup coordinators and will be trained accordingly.


Going forward, all position descriptions and job announcements will include language that indicates the incumbent is a mandated reporter. Existing positions descriptions do not need to be updated.

If you have any questions, please contact Human Resources at 408-924-2250 or

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