Chu, Melissa (University Library) is Stepping Beyond

“First, a quick overview: Melissa has been a student assistant for me in the University Library since January, 2017. Since she began, Melissa quickly blossomed into being a standout SA and is a natural leader and mentor to whom her fellow SAs look up. The rest of the staff, myself included, regularly rely on her to the point that it feels she is a full-time staff member. A quick learner with an analytic mind, Melissa has a professionalism and charisma that wants other SAs and staff to always want to work with her.

Now, the specifics: Earlier this year, Melissa created some pathfinders for the public printing in the library that were so well done, that they could easily be considered professional grade. Staff and library users have commented on how easy to follow the instructions were and they simply looked great! Just the other day, I asked her to perform an organizational project for me at the last minute and she did a marvelous job in a short amount of time. I can go on and on.

If I could clone her and have many Melissa Chu’s working for me for as long as I am in this position, I would in a New York minute. I am honored to say that she is the best SA I have ever had.”
–Jeff Frank

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