Strapp, Matthew (Sports Information) is Stepping Beyond

“Matt stepped up in Media Relations by taking on additional sports to cover with the departure of a co-worker and promoted the NCAA Tournament women’s soccer team that won the Mountain West regular-season and tournament championships. He then covered the men’s soccer team that made the WAC championship game and assisted with coverage of the football team. He continues to put in countless hours and provides support to all 22 sports at San José State.”

– Scott MacDonald

Huynh, Kim (Undergraduate Education) is Stepping Beyond

“Kim Huynh was a wonderful co-organizer for the Cool Solutions for a Warming Planet: A Climate Change and Sustainability Fair. Without a doubt, Kim has true mastery of unagi — the state of total awareness and forward thinking in identifying potential issues and problems, which came in very handy for the fair. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to successfully organize the event without Kim’s help and impressive forward thinking skills.

Kim provided useful feedback and suggestions regarding logistical details, and was very adept in identifying potential pain points throughout the whole process. In addition, Kim helped out with so many planning aspects of the fair when I felt overwhelmed: she worked with Undergraduate Education’s student assistant in designing the event flyer and slide; designed beautiful A-frame posters to place on the Paseo; ordered food for all participating organizations; packaged 130 lunch/snack bags for organizations and volunteers; picked up and lugged 5 A-frames from CL 2nd floor to our ADM office all by herself while I (unintentionally) wandered around CL 3rd floor with an empty wagon; and finally, she secured parking spots for our sponsors and most importantly, for Senator Cortese and his office representatives when I was unexpectedly out for a day, a week before the event.

On the day of the fair, Kim helped with lowering the bollards for rental delivery, assisted with placing tent cards on tables, checked in participating organizations, and then delivered over 80 lunches to tablers on the Paseo. The fair would not have gone on so smoothly without Kim’s dedication and help — she definitely stepped beyond!”

– Chandra

“Kim Huynh has been an invaluable leader for the last 5 months in co-organizing the Cool Solutions for a Warming Planet: A Climate Change and Sustainability Fair. She did an amazing job mentoring a junior staff member in organizing this large and complex event. Kim is experienced with organizing events and is a master of thinking ahead about all of the necessary details and potential problems. I particularly want to commend Kim for the way she provided structure and advice about best practices, but then gave the junior staff member the opportunity to spread her wings and take responsibility. Kim dedicated a lot of time to this event and was on-site on the day of the fair from 6:30 AM to 4 PM ensuring that everything went perfectly. Her leadership, mentoring and commitment culminated in an outstanding educational event for our university.”

– Thalia Anagnos

Harnlasiri, Chandra (Undergraduate Education) is Stepping Beyond

“During the last 5 months, Chandra Harnlasiri dedicated a significant part of her work schedule to organizing Cool Solutions for a Warming Planet: A Climate Change and Sustainability Fair. She developed and managed a budget, created a wonderful website, drafted and sent invitations to potential participating organizations, ordered tables, chairs and umbrellas for the Paseo, organized volunteers, worked with the DJ on the playlist for the day, and sent individual instructions to each participant about what to do on the day of the event and so much more. She thought of very detail. On the day of the fair she came to work at 6:30 AM and spent the day ensuring every aspect of the fair ran smoothly. The event was AMAZING. Hundreds of SJSU students, staff and faculty benefitted from attending this event. It ran so smoothly thanks to Chandra’s attention to detail. This was the first major SJSU event that Chandra has ever organized and she nailed it!! She definitely stepped beyond.”

– Thalia Anagnos