Eswar, Badari (Computer Engineering) is Stepping Beyond

“Professor Ishie has been one of the kindest professors at SJSU. He reaches out to students beyond caste/creed/race/religion and helps them out in lot of different ways.

I was experiencing financial hardship and was trying very hard to obtain an on campus job. In my 1st semester, when I met him accidentally, he didn’t hesitate in referring me to other professors. That’s how I got my first on campus job at SJSU. Later I worked as a TA for his class.

Another incident, he came across a person who didn’t have laptop. He had an unopened IBM laptop, which he gifted that person.

He also helps lot of students in career guidance by reviewing resumes, connecting them to people in Software Industry.”
–Chandra Mohan Bhupalachar Suryanarayana

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