Nguyen, Belinda (Desktop Support) is Stepping Beyond

Belinda, is always there to help central IT out. She successfully runs College of Business IT and has all the responsibility of that location, yet is always there to lend us a helping hand with any of our Projects. When we need a spare hand she is the first to volunteer. She has helped write up documentation that is used campus wide to this date and always does it with a smile on her face with an earnest desire to help. I count myself lucky to call her a colleague and very thankful for all she does to help IT succeed.
–Mario Rivas

Chen, Lisa (University Personnel) is Stepping Beyond

Lisa Chen is so responsive and is always there to assist her colleagues and customers. There was a situation where a new hire went by two different names and it messed things up in PeopleSoft which made it very hard to process new hire paperwork. I notified Lisa immediately regarding the situation since there were already two units involved now. Lisa dropped everything to correct the situation in the system and to make sure that Employee Services could process the new employee’s paperwork on time. This task for Lisa was not easy since data had to be transferred and information needed to be deleted so that there were no duplications. Lisa is an OUTSTANDING team player, calm in any situation, and focuses on what can she do to fix it. Never does she complain or blame anyone.
–Amanda Frank

Loo, Matthew (Desktop Support) is Stepping Beyond

“Matthew is always there when we have issues and always available to lend a hand when we need him. When it comes to Macs, he is our go-to guy for solving our issues. He is always reviewing things and coming up with innovative ways to make our lives so much easier. We are very lucky to have him on our team.”
–Mario Rivas