Lake, Chris (Student Union) is Stepping Beyond

“Chris is a devoted employee and hard worker. He often works 6-7 days a week, coming in on his “days off” to keep the SRAC pool operating in a safe and efficient manner for our campus community. He is one of the most dedicated employees I have come across in my 16+ years at San José State! Thank you Chris!!”

– Sage Hopkins

Calderon, Rosalina (University Personnel) is Stepping Beyond

“Where to begin, Rosalina is a true champion. She is always delightful and fun to talk to. She has talked me down from a many ‘virtual’ cliffs. Just when I am about to jump, she some how manages to bring me back. I am so happy that she is my division’s recruitment rep. With the implementation of CHRS and Covid protocols, somehow she manages to keep it all together and get the job done. I am proud to call her a true champion and friend. When I grow up, I want to be like Rosalina Calderon!!! Thank you for ALL you do for the Division of Information Technology.”

– Willie Simon

Duong, Mi (University Personnel) is Stepping Beyond

“Mi has gone over and above helping our Division (Information Technology) process student hires, new hires and consultants. She is always pleasant, kind and cheerful. I know there are times when she would like to scream at us, but she doesn’t. She remains cool, calm and collected. I have served on the SJSU campus over 36 years and I have encountered many personalities, I am happy to say that Mi Duong is one of the most pleasant and pleasurable personalities I have ever met. Thank you Mi for ALL you do for the Division of Information Technology.”
-Willie Simon

Vitolo, Mike (College of Health & Human Science) is Stepping Beyond

“Mike regularly goes above and beyond. He has been instrumental in helping a CHHS department move into their new campus location. He is a solutions-oriented customer service professional and has been a consummate team player and valued member of our college staff. Thanks for all of your hard work Mike!”
-Matthew Masucci