SJSU’s participation in City of San José 2022 Resident Satisfaction survey

Dear SJSU campus community,

For the third year in a row, we are being invited to participate in the City of San José’s annual Resident Satisfaction Survey. Launching next week as a collaborative effort — funded by the Knight Foundation and including SPUR, a regional nonprofit public policy organization that works with Bay Area leaders to develop solutions to the big problems cities face — I hope you’ll join me in taking this survey, as it exemplifies our role as an engaged partner in San José. What is good for San José is good for San José State, and vice versa.

In my short time here, it is clear to me that community engagement and strong ties with both our city and the broader region are foundations of San José State. Active participation in the City of San José Resident Survey allows our campus community to have an impact and voice in the city’s future, direction, services and offerings, all of which will benefit the university.

The survey, open to those who visit, work or live in San José, measures levels of satisfaction in areas such as safety, recreation, transportation, education, health and wellness, the environment and city services. 

When the city-wide survey becomes available, you’ll receive a follow-up message with an external link. Like previous years, the survey and resulting data will be confidential, with no attribution of individual respondents. The survey itself is not being administered by the city, SJSU, or SPUR, though our Office of Research is working with the survey vendor on logistics and outreach.

Being included in the survey is a great opportunity to play an important role in vital city issues. I hope you’ll join me in supporting this project as we continue to partner with the City of San José to improve our region!


Steve Perez
Interim President