SJSU Mask Guidance Update

Dear Spartan community,

Ever since the start of the pandemic, we’ve all looked forward to a day when a more normal way of life will return. Our resumption of in-person classes last month was made possible because we remained careful and prudent. We’ve kept our testing and booster programs active, and continued to be vigilant by wearing masks indoors and when outside in crowded environments.

Today, I’m asking for your patience. Although Santa Clara County is discontinuing its indoor mask requirement, we will keep ours in effect until further notice. Like you, I will welcome the opportunity to pull off the mask and once again see smiles across our campus. That day will come, if we are careful now.

SJSU leadership continues to monitor the situation and provide testing and booster shots at no cost to you. Our fastest path to a more normal day is when everyone gets their booster as soon as they are eligible. If you are eligible and haven’t received the booster shot, we will have a booster clinic on campus on Tuesday, March 15. Make an appointment online

While keeping the mask requirement in place for now may come as a short-term disappointment, it will help keep our immunocompromised colleagues and friends safer and enable us to move forward as a united community. We will announce updates as they become available.

Thank you. 

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Steve Perez

Interim President