• Announcing SJSU's inaugural Economic and Social Impact Study
    I am delighted to share with you today a new economic and social impact study that offers a detailed look at SJSU’s tangible influence throughout the City of San José, the greater Bay Area and the State of California.
  • Reflections on the past year’s fight against systemic racism
    I write today to reflect on the progress our campus has made this past year to combat systemic racism at SJSU and to look ahead to the work that remains. Just over a year ago, prompted by George Floyd’s heinous killing and the national conversation that ensued about racial inequities in law enforcement and other institutions, I…
  • Reflections on Juneteenth
    Tomorrow is Juneteenth, a day when Black and African American families and communities have for many years celebrated their culture, strength and perseverance by commemorating the end of slavery in America. The day became a national holiday this week, a momentous and long-overdue occasion.
  • Supporting VTA and the San José community in the aftermath of today's shooting
    On a day we hoped would be reserved for the celebration of our Spring 2021 graduating class, we instead are grappling once again with the grim aftermath of a horrific mass shooting that today took the lives of several individuals here in San José.
  • The warm, radiant light from SJSU’s graduating class dazzles and soothes
    Graduation, as we all know, truly is one of the most important and revered times on the academic calendar. It is an opportunity for us to celebrate and honor our students for the completion of their studies and, for the graduates themselves, it is the realization of a milestone that they have worked toward their entire lives. This week, as members of our Spring 2021 cohort begin to reflect on their college years while making or even finalizing post-graduate plans, graduates will bask in well-earned kudos from family and friends on their achievements.