• President Papazian's message re: California fires
    The terrible Camp Fire to our north, near Chico, and the Woolsey and Hill Fires, west of Los Angeles and in Ventura County, have wreaked havoc and devastation on those communities. Many of us have friends, family, or colleagues who are directly impacted. The sadness and misery that have fallen upon these communities are unlike anything we can imagine. We are all broken-hearted.
  • President Papazian's message re: Thousand Oaks
    We learned this morning about another inexplicable mass shooting, this time in southern California. Though details continue to emerge, the news media has reported at least 12 deaths.
  • Student success and resource centers offer myriad ways to get involved
    Recently, I had the privilege to attend and offer welcome remarks at the official Grand Opening of SJSU’s newest Student Success and Resource Centers. For years, we have offered college success centers where students can receive academic advising for their major areas of study or for general education. But more recently, we created three culturally-relevant centers to provide more targeted services to our Chicanx/Latinx, African-American/Black, and undocumented – or “UndocuSpartan” – student populations.
  • President Papazian's message re: Pittsburgh shootings
    This past weekend, we learned of yet another mass shooting, this time in a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Eleven people died senselessly, while another six were injured. People around the country, including those of us here at SJSU, feel a sense of anguish and profound sadness as we come to grips with this news.
  • “The Truth Effect” post-election event
    I invite you to what I am sure will be an informative, incisive event focused on the aftermath of the upcoming midterm national elections. The event – which we are calling “The Truth Effect – Silicon Valley’s Take on the Mid-term Elections” – takes place here on campus in the Student Union Theater on Thursday, Nov. 15 at 6:30pm. All are welcome, and admission is free.