De-stress for Academic Success

Finals are just around the corner. Papers, presentations, and projects are due soon. The end of the semester is often a stressful time for many of us. In these hectic times, we may find ourselves skipping or even forgetting to eat a meal because we’re so busy. We might forego sleep to complete our work. We might study for hours on end without a break. 

Sound familiar? Then give yourself a break! Even in these busy times, it’s important to pause and take a moment to take care of yourself. Breathe and let go of some stress so that you can recharge and power on to achieve academic success!

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De-stress for Academic Success

Finals week is often accompanied by a mix of emotions–excitement for the end of the year, concern about travel (or not being able to travel this year), and stress about finishing projects, meeting deadlines, and preparing for exams. We want to remind you to take care of yourself during this busy finals week: 

    • Don’t forget to eat. Schedule in time for healthy, mind-fueling meals. 
    • Take study breaks to stretch your legs, get some fresh air, and clear your mind. 
    • Be sure you’re getting enough sleep. While in the moment, it may seem like studying is more important than sleep, you may be doing yourself a disservice: “There are data that sleep loss leads to learning and memory impairment, as well as decreased attention and vigilance,” says Dr. Kushida, a physician at Stanford Sleep Disorders Clinic. Lack of sleep could potentially affect your ability to recall information (something you need to take exams) and your performance on exams (e.g., mis-reading questions; not fully understanding what the task). To learn more about sleeping tips, read this article by the American Academy of Sleep Science.

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