Global Spartan Photo Contest 2024 Winners!

The month of March is Global Spartan Month and one of the many fun activities that we have is the annual Global Spartan Photo Contest. This year, our Global Spartan Photo Contest had 43 amazing photo and narrative submissions from students who have experience in one of our study abroad programs and our international students. The Global Spartan Month Planning Committee selects the winner of the Most Impactful Narrative prize and also determines our set of finalists. Finalists then have their photographs and narratives posted on our Instagram pages, at the Global Spartan Fair and at the Global Games event. Thank you to everyone who submitted a photo entry and to all those who voted. Congratulations to all our finalists and a special congratulations to our winners.

First Place

Sharat Hiremath

Ganesha’s Grace: A Festive Portrait

This Ganesha Chaturthi portrait captures the rich cultural tapestry of Hindu spirituality. The vibrant colors, intricate details, & the divine presence of Lord Ganesha symbolize the auspicious celebration of new beginnings. This photo holds personal significance as it embodies the cultural heritage that resonates deeply within me, connecting to spirituality & the joyous festivities of Ganesha.

Second Place

San Vu

My Seoulmates

This is the moment that I have been dreaming of! To walk around Gyeongbokgung Palace in traditional Korean hanboks with my new friends. While the city of Seoul sparks with new technology and innovation, walk into the next street and you will find gems like Gyeongbokgung, the oldest and largest palace standing at 629 years old. Pictured are 4 strangers turned housemates turned friends! 🙂

Third Place

Trusha Thakore

Haldi Ceremony

The photo was taken on the day of “Haldi rasam/ceremony”. It is a pre-wedding ritual in India and is also called “Pithi ceremony”. It is a tradition in which the body of bride and groom are applied with a paste of turmeric, sandalwood and other ingredients. The yellow color is considered auspicious and keeps the couple away from evil eye. The celebration is filled with dance, music and laughter.

Best Narrative

Madison Cross

Blossoming Cultural Experiences

This photo was taken on my first excursion in Vietnam, a day I had no idea what to expect with little knowledge of the language. Despite the language barrier, this lovely woman who was in charge of rowing our boat stopped to pick a flower and give it to me. It was the most welcoming and thoughtful gesture that brought the two of us together. Soon after she let me sit and row the boat with her!!

Show & Movie Recommendations

The Global Connections theme this past Monday was about international shows and movies (because who doesn’t like to watch them?). Everyone had a lot of fun talking and sharing their favorite movies from both their home country and shows that they may have recently seen. Watching shows from diverse countries is a fun and great way to learn about other cultures and familiarize yourself with various languages! Below are some show & movie recommendations from fellow students at the Global Connections meeting, Global Leaders, and ISSS Staff members! Learn more about Global Connections here and join us next time!

Student Recommendations:

TV Series Movies
The Brother Sun (U.S) A Separation (Iran)
Samdal-ri (South Korea) Cook Up a Storm (Hong Kong, China)
Trapped [Indian Movie] (India)
KGF (India)


Global Leaders Recommendations:

TV Series Movies
Kingdom (South Korea) Meet Joe Black (U.S)
The Family Man (India) Rurouni Kenshin (Japan)
Atlanta (U.S) Captain Miller (India)
Athadu (India)


 ISSS Staff Recommendations:

TV Series Movies
Gilmore Girls (U.S) Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (U.S)
The Last of Us (U.S) Polite Society (U.K)
Letterkenny (Canada) Bend it Like Beckham (U.K)
Reservation Dogs (U.S) Elemental (U.S)


2023 Global Spartan Photo Contest Winners

Each spring, International Student & Scholar Services hosts the annual Global Spartan Photo Contest. Our goal is to share a variety of cultural perspectives through photography and short narratives. As such, each photo submission is accompanied by a short narrative that explains the cultural significance of the photo from the photographer’s perspective. Narratives answer the questions: What aspect of culture does this photo represent? and Why is this photograph important to me?

The Most Impactful Narrative and Top 10 Photos are selected by the Global Spartan Month Planning Committee. In-person voting is open to the general public at our annual Global Spartan Month Fair in March, followed by online voting via social media.  Once the voting period is over, the in-person and online votes are tallied to determine the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Fan Favorites.

Congratulations to this year’s winner and all of our Top 10 finalists! Thank you for submitting such outstanding photos and sharing your unique cultural perspectives with us! Continue Reading…

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