Scholar Spotlight: Regiani Aparecida Santos Zacarias

Regiani Aparecida Santos Zacarias is a visiting scholar from São Paulo State University where she is also a Professor. Read more about Regiani below!

Which SJSU department/college are you affiliated with?

Department of English

What is your role here at SJSU? What do you hope to accomplish during your time here?

I am a linguist and a lexicographer. During my time at SJSU I want to improve my research on Lexicography. I am writing a Portuguese-English Verb Dictionary for Basic Education Brazilian students.

What do you enjoy most about SJSU or your time here in the U.S.?

The opportunity of learning from my host professor and other faculty members and students as well. Integrating with people and doing library research.

What is something you want others to know about your hometown, home country, or culture?

Brazil is a country of huge cultural diversity and therefore every region has its own beauty. When you think about Brazil, consider the 5 main regions: North, Northeast, Center-West, Southern and South. Each region shares similar socio-economic and cultural aspects.

Brazil invests a lot in Education and it is one of the few countries where anyone, including foreigners, have the right to free Higher Education at State and Federal Universities.

What do you wish you would have known sooner about life in the U.S. or SJSU?

This is the third time I live in the U.S. I am a former Fulbright Scholar. I believe there is certain information that one can only access ‘in loco’. I was surprised with the cost of accommodation, it is higher than in other U.S. cities I know.

What message do you have for our Global Spartan community?

Thank you very much for having me here. Thank you Dr. Linda Mitchel for opening up this opportunity. Dear Spartans, please contact me if you want to schedule a chat or any academic activity. I will be glad to collaborate. or

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