De-stress for Academic Success

Finals are just around the corner. Papers, presentations, and projects are due soon. The end of the semester is often a stressful time for many of us. In these hectic times, we may find ourselves skipping or even forgetting to eat a meal because we’re so busy. We might forego sleep to complete our work. We might study for hours on end without a break. 

Sound familiar? Then give yourself a break! Even in these busy times, it’s important to pause and take a moment to take care of yourself. Breathe and let go of some stress so that you can recharge and power on to achieve academic success!

Here are 6 tips and resources to help you De-Stress for Academic Success:

  1. Take a study break and join your Global Leaders for a Finals Cele-break-tion Game Night on May 22, 2021. Drop by anytime between 7:00-9:00 PM (PT).
  2. Follow @SJSUinternational on Instagram for daily de-stress tips (May 17-28)
  3. Find more resources on our De-Stress for Academic Success web page.
  4. Read this blog post on Managing Stress by Minji Yang, Ph.D., CAPS Counselor
  5. Check out SJSU May Mental Health Awareness Month events sponsored by CAPS. This includes Yoga, Meditation, Chillax Workshop, Online Card Tournament, and much more!
  6. Learn about Finals Programs & Resources, including tutoring services and other programs and events.

Best of luck with finals!


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