Viridiana Galvez Garcia

Viridiana Galvez Garcia

Major: Business Accounting
Term Abroad: Winter 2023
Year: Junior
Program / Location: Barcelona, Spain: FLP – A Taste of Spain

Why did you want to study abroad? 

I wanted to study abroad because I wanted to get out of my comfort zone . I love learning about different cultures and exposing myself to new experiences.

What has been your most surprising, positive, or challenging experience abroad?

My most positive experience abroad includes meeting amazing students in my program and getting to know more about local people and their traditions.

How did you manage your academic success abroad during the pandemic?

I scheduled certain times during the day to focus only on my school responsibilities, making sure I was completing all my assignments.

What are some ways that you interacted with the local community?

I am a very curious person. I tried to ask as many questions as possible whenever we were taking a tour.

What are some tips for managing your health and safety while abroad?

I would say making sure to always having a face mask around, also washing your hands as often as possible and making sure you follow the host county guidelines.

Any advice to potential study abroad students?

Always listen to the professor and the study abroad and away staff advice. Follow their instructions and make the best out of this unforgettable experience.