Scholarship to Study in Florence, Italy

Study in Florence Scholarship

Study in Florence ScholarshipDid you know that the County of Santa Clara has a Sister County relationship with the Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy to promote “intercultural and educational exchange between these regions.”? And did you know that every year they offer scholarships to SJSU students who are applying to study abroad in Florence, Italy for a full year? Did you know that SJSU students can study abroad for a full year on the SJSU-approved CSUIP Florence Center in Italy? If you want more information about the Florence program, please book an appointment with Julie Lucas ( at the SJSU Study Abroad & Away office.

For more information and application on the  scholarship, please visit the Santa Clara County website here.

Ingrid Camberos Gallardo

Ingrid Camberos Gallardo
 Florence, Italy
Program: CSU Florence Center
Term: Spring 2022 Semester
Major: Political Science
Year: 3rd year

Why did you want to study abroad? 
In my high school there was a program called American Field Service (AFS) and we would exchange with different high schools across the US, as well as receiving year long exchange students from around the world. I’ve exchanged to Japan, Boston, and Chicago and due to that I have always wanted to study abroad for a year once I was in college.

What has been your most surprising, positive, or challenging experience abroad?
The most positive experience studying abroad is the amount of travel once can get done. I’ve travelled to 18 different countries while being abroad and I still have a whole semester left!

Any advice to potential study abroad students?
My advice to potential study abroad students is to get a Eurail train pass. This train pass is how I managed to create an efficient travel itinerary that would allow me to go around Europe for a lower cost. (They have student discounts)

How are you managing your academic success abroad during the pandemic? 
My classes have all been in person and that’s what has helped me a lot while being abroad.

What are some ways that you are interacting with the local community ?
Meeting local people and keeping communication while my time abroad has been such a fun way of saying in touch with the local community. As well as going to the same restaurants, because they now know my the names of my friends and I.

What are some tips for managing your health and safety while traveling during the pandemic?
My only tip would be to respect the guidelines of each country. Some countries don’t require mask, and some do. I tend to follow the rules of the country in which I am in.