Study Abroad Fall 2024 & Year – Deadlines Extended


Interested in studying abroad this Fall 2024 semester or for the Fall 2024-Spring 2025 Academic Year? We have extended the application deadline to March 15 for the below programs. Apply today!


SJSU Exchange


Asia / Oceania

Rahel Adebabay

NAME: Rahel Adebabay
MAJOR: Global Studies
PROGRAM: Ireland, SJSU Exchange – University College Dublin

BIO: Please tell us about you and why you chose to study abroad.

I am a first-generation Ethiopian-American college student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Global Studies and three minors in Philosophy, Legal, and African American Studies at San Jose State University. I want to utilize my educational background to work towards my vision of building a prosperous, united Africa, emphasizing creating strong educational infrastructures.

Through this program, I came intending to gain a new perspective on the world. Traveling to another country and experiencing a non-American curriculum made me decenter from the American political perspective.


CAREER: What skills did you learn/sharpen during your study abroad experience?
Reflect on how your study abroad experience and the skills, knowledge, or networking has enhanced or contributed to your life back on campus or home.

Through decentering from the American perspective, I viewed the world in a much different way. This is especially important as a scholar in the field of International relations because this challenged my political beliefs, worldviews, and personal values. International Affairs cannot be seen from only one perspective, and acquiring added perspective will make me more analytical and critical in nature. In addition, acquiring such attributes and experience will make me an attractive candidate for my future educational pursuits and later professional life.

Because I am just finishing up my term abroad, I have yet to see it being applied to my life on campus. However, I without a doubt believe having an added perspective will make me a much better student in my Global Studies major courses.

GOALS: What were your goals for studying abroad?
Reflect on the personal, academic, and professional goals that you had set out to achieve on your study abroad experience?

Broadly speaking, my goal going into my experience was to be bold and brave. I wanted to try new things and immerse myself in different cultures.However, in retrospect, going into my study abroad experience I had a very uncompromising view of how my life should be during and after my experience. I knew I wanted to graduate within 3 years, take the LSAT in the summer, and do well in all nine classes I was enrolled in during my spring semester. My goals, although achievable, needed to be more flexible and restrictive.


PERSONAL GROWTH: What was the biggest impact that your study abroad experience had on you?(REQUIRED)

Although I initially intended to study abroad solely for academic purposes, I did the opposite. This experience made me realize I must slow down and take in life’s pleasures. This semester was the first time since sixteen that I have not worked. Along with the absence of work or pressures to keep me financially afloat, the workload at my school was significantly smaller than my usual course load, even with nine classes. This gave me the time to get to know myself through solo travel and do activities that I loved and previously did not have the time to attend to. Because of this experience, I’ve become more eager to travel in the not-so-distant future, and I know that my future career should have travel embedded into it. In addition, I realized that I perhaps want to live abroad as I feel the way of life in the United States is not sustainable compared to life in Ireland. Living in Ireland has exposed me to what life should be like, as I’ve never felt so safe, healthy, and happy.

ACADEMICS: How would you describe your academic experience abroad?
Share what courses you chose to take abroad and the strategies you used to ensure your academic success. How has the experience impacted your academics now that you have returned to SJSU?

My academic experience has been frustrating at UCD. Not so much because the content was challenging but because it was much different from what I was used to in the United States. None of my classes had homework or constant learning checkpoints. In addition, with my major being small at SJSU, with an average of 15 students, I was surprised by the hundreds of classmates I had. Because of this, I noticed a culture of not having strong interpersonal relationships with professors. This was very unusual to me as in nearly every class I’ve taken at SJSU, I’ve been in constant contact with my professors and even have developed those relationships beyond the course I’ve taken with them. However, I am very fond of UCD and all that it has to offer; I’ve never felt helpless because of the endless resources the school provides.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: How has your immersion impacted your perspectives on the world?

Apart from my academic life, I did a lot of solo traveling during my time abroad. Since my start, I have been to 7 countries I have never visited. Some I did not know much about prior to traveling there. Not only did I learn and immerse myself in the cultures that I encountered, but I pushed myself to engage with the community at every opportunity I had. I tried new foods, learned about different cultures and customs, made friends with locals, etc. Most importantly, I learned the values of self-sufficiency and independence while also getting to know myself better. Six of the seven countries I’ve visited are not English-speaking countries, and through that experience, I became a more effective communicator and navigator.

FUTURE: How has study abroad prepared you for your future?

The most prominent lessons I’ve learned from in my study abroad experience have been through my solo travels. I exclusively did solo travel as I felt this was fundamental to getting to know myself, and I did precisely that. Solo traveling throughout Europe has made me an effective communicator and navigator. For example, I spent three weeks in Central and Eastern Europe, where people did not know fluent English, and I had to navigate that, whether that was by using context clues, reading facial expressions, or pulling out google translate! In addition, solo traveling in non-English speaking countries has made me comfortable with being uncomfortable. I surrendered expectations and the constant need to stay within what was familiar to me.

TIPS: What advice would you give to a future Global Spartan?
  1. Apply to every scholarship available, no matter how impossible it seems. This was my experience applying to the Benjamin A Gilman International Scholarship. Because I decided to study abroad last minute, there was only one scholarship available to me which happened to be the most prestigious study abroad scholarship. I won the scholarship, although I applied just two hours before its deadline.
  2. Try to make a friend in every country you visit! Understand the local way of life.
  3. Take advantage of your school’s resources.
  4. If you are attending a European university, use a planner/tracker as the curriculum is primarily autonomous learning. Constantly new ways to engage yourself in your academics.
  5. Research the country that you are studying in. Understand lingo/language, customs, and political system. Three months before moving to Ireland and even before I went to a new country, I watched youtube videos that described social do’s/don’ts.
  6. Get to know and use public transportation. Across almost all European countries, transportation is reliable and safe.

Diana Vazquez

Diana Vazquez
NAME: Diana Vazquez
MAJOR: Anthropology
PROGRAM: Germany CSU IP – University of Tubingen
Prior to attending SJSU, I was a student at Sonoma State University where I studied Computer Science. During my time there I studied abroad in Germany with CSU IP. It was this program and my time abroad that gave me that push to switch majors to something I actually loved doing. Due to the Pandemic, I sadly didn’t get to finish my year program, and was sent home four months early. When I returned home, I transferred to SJSU and switched my major Anthropology, with a concentration in Archaeology. Studying Abroad showed me that I want a career where I can be out in the world exploring and learning about different cultures. I hope to get into a Master’s and PhD program in Europe, where I will hopefully be able to relocate to live there. My time studying abroad definitely gave me a new perspective for the world, and a desire to explore every inch of our planet.
1) GOALS: What were your goals for studying abroad?
When I left for my study abroad program, I had a long list of goals I wanted to achieve along with a broader rule of “exploring and trying new things.” My largest goal was of course to learn German and feel comfortable speaking the language to locals. Most of my goals centered around experiences and locations that I had been looking forward to for years. Such as going to see as many museums and historical sites as possible or finding a TARDIS in London.

2) PERSONAL GROWTH: What was the biggest impact that your study abroad experience had on you?

Despite having already lived independently the three years prior to going abroad, the experience of being in a whole new country and environment pushed me even further to achieving my goals for my own happiness. At the time of my program, I was a Computer Science major, but I was unhappy being so. I remained in that major because so much of my family supported me doing so, but my time abroad gave me the proper push I needed. I realized that despite nearly completing my major, I wouldn’t live a fulfilling life if I didn’t pursue my true passions. Traveling to new countries and visiting so many world-renowned museums reawakened my love of archaeology, so when I came home I decided to aim for a career I would actually love.
3) ACADEMICS: How would you describe your academic experience abroad?

While I didn’t leave Germany fluent in the language, I definitely was comfortable enough speaking it that I could hold a conversation with a local. By the time I left the country, I could easily remember the more difficult of grammar rules. Had my program not been canceled early because of the Pandemic, I would have taken classes at the Uni my second semester there. A typically German class does not assign homework, and is instead based completely on lectures, personal studying, and either a final exam or paper.


4) CAREER: What skills did you learn/sharpen during your study abroad experience?

Prior to going abroad, I had been learning German for about two years, so my main goal for studying abroad was to increase my language proficiency. Being immersed in the language so completely definitely helped me nearly complete that goal. In about three months my language level increased so much!


5) COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: How has your immersion impacted your perspectives on the world?

There are so many stereotypes of Germans that tend to lean towards them being rude and strong tempered. However, my time in Germany showed me that is not the case. Every German I interacted with was very welcoming and considerate. I went into my program with no expectations for Germany other than a beautiful landscape and cold weather. But I left the program realizing that no matter how much I researched the country, I can’t truly know a culture and its people until I actually experience it and immerse myself in said culture.

6) FUTURE: How has study abroad prepared you for your future?

When I initially began learning German, it was initially to be able to feel comfortable speaking the language when I studied abroad. I began university with the goal to study abroad, but not necessarily to learn a new language. However, since learning it I have now found out it will actually be very helpful in the field of archaeology. I unintentionally gave myself a very handy skill by studying abroad! Along the same lines, my time traveling to new cultural landscapes and interacting with people from different countries, has also prepared me for my future career in archaeology.

7) TIPS: What advice would you give to a future Global Spartan?

Research! Any possible little question you could have about the location you will be going to, research it. Whether you are going to a whole new country or simply another State, having some knowledge of the location you will be going to will aid you so much. You could assume that your cultures and customs will be similar, but the truth is you won’t really know until you’re there. Research will be your best friend, both before you leave and when there. Another tip I can give is to make the most of your time abroad. Take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself and allow yourself to grow. Lastly, know your limits, don’t feel pressured to take part in experiences you won’t feel comfortable in. This time is for you to explore the world, do so at your own level. Agreeing to plans you dislike and subsequently missing out on experiences you were looking forward to can end up being stains on an otherwise happy time.

Jeremy Gaviola Quero

Jeremy Quero

Name: Jeremy Quero
Major: Engineering Technology
Program: Business and Society – Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences – Rotterdam Netherlands

My name is Jeremy Quero, I am an Engineering Technology focus on Manufacturing Systems and my minor is Business. I’m just another student from SJSU that likes to play video games, listen to music of any genre that is catchy, watch movies and shows specifically anime, and go on adventures. I studied at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (RUAS) for the spring 2023 semester. Going on the program was definitely an experience that any student should do. I did something out of my comfort zone, I got to understand the culture of the dutch and the many other cultures that were present, and most importantly I got to travel across Europe with the friends I made in Rotterdam. To any student who reads this, Shoot your shot and take a risk because this is something that is bigger than you are and helps you evolve individually as a person.

1) GOALS: What were your goals for studying abroad?
To understand how the culture of Netherlands operate and how to succeed in another country. I wanted to challenge myself by living somewhere whereas I have no prior experience living. To live and to survive on my own. Professionally on taking on the challenges that the Host University gave me and taking it head on and succeeding.
2) PERSONAL GROWTH: What was the biggest impact that your study abroad experience had on you?
I would say the biggest impact it had on my was rediscovering my own culture of not just being an American citizen, but remembering my roots of my people of being a Filipino man. Also living alone and adjusting to the environment to overcome and to succeed. Having an overall different view of how other students from different countries work and apply the positives to my own ethics.
3) ACADEMICS: How would you describe your academic experience abroad?
research and presentations, To ensure success I would take initiative and take action by making the first move and going out in the field to make observations. applying this will give me confidence.
4) CAREER: What skills did you learn/sharpen during your study abroad experience?
The skills I learned and sharpen would be focusness, resiliency, and perseverence. Focusness: since being out here with independency, I would like to have fun and do fun activities with the friends I made out in Rotterdam. That being said when you want to have fun , you have to put in the work. I would make sure I finish every assignment before heading out. Reseliency: with a new environment, theres new school culture and sometime you have to make gold to what’s given to you. There would be times during the program where the students would often feel confused as the professors would not communicate with each other and tend to give us information on the assignments that wouldn’t align. I would ask questions and try to give out the best execution of assignment as I possibly can. Perseverence: With being alone and starting over again in a new society. This made me have to step out my confort zone. I made new friends and it made me take more initiative in and outside of the school. I was able to connect to students all over the world from coming from countries like Germany all the way to Indonesia. This allowed me to explore more cultures other than Dutch culture.
5) COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: How has your immersion impacted your perspectives on the world?
People and universities from different cultures work way different. There is no one way of learning things as different countries have their own way of teaching and living.
6) FUTURE: How has study abroad prepared you for your future?
This prepared me not just in school but in life. How I see things now is different than how I saw things 6 months earlier. Going foward into the future, this tought me to be more independent and gave me more confidence in my school methods. Meeting new people helped me understand that everyone works differently have their own journeys. I personally will challenge myself by taking more risks to become more successful.
7) TIPS: What advice would you give to a future Global Spartan?
Advice I would give to future global spartans would be take initiative and challenge yourself to be not just a better student but a better person overall in their journey of wherever country they go. Don’t be scared of taking risks and to always stay committed to the things they do. These type of opportunities come and go so make the best out of it and have fun!

Director’s Message – Fall 2023

All us in Study Abroad & Away (SAA) hope that the start of the fall 2023 semester is off to a great start. The SAA team has been keeping busy over the summer and into the fall, developing new programs and helping students find the right study abroad program to further their intellectual and personal growth. We encourage all of you, students, staff, and faculty, to attend our Study Abroad Fair on Thursday, September 28th to learn about these many opportunities. You can see more information about this event here.

We are happy to report that in summer 2023, we successfully launched 17 faculty-led programs in which faculty took over 210 students to 13 countries with faculty from 3 colleges. We would like to recognize the faculty champions who worked tirelessly to make these opportunities possible for our students: 

  • Lynne Andonian (Department of Occupational Therapy, College of Health and Human Sciences)
  • Dan Brook (Department of Sociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, College of Social Sciences)
  • Elizabeth Carroll (Department of Art and Art History, College of Humanities and the Arts)
  • Irene Carvajal (Department of Art and Art History, College of Humanities and the Arts)
  • Megan Chang (Department of Occupational Therapy, College of Health and Human Sciences)
  • Seung Ho Chang (Department of Kinesiology, College of Health and Human Sciences)
  • Danijela Dudley (Department of Political Science, College of Social Sciences)
  • Alison George (Department of Occupational Therapy, College of Health and Human Sciences)
  • Tabitha Hart (Department Communication Studies, College of Social Sciences)
  • Mary Juno (Department of Justice Studies, College of Social Sciences)
  • Kristine Kirkendall (Department of Kinesiology, College of Health and Human Sciences)
  • Christine Ma-Kellams (Department of Psychology, College of Social Sciences)
  • Kasuen Mauldin (Department of Nutrition, Food Science & Packaging, College of Health and Human Sciences)
  • Sung Jay Ou (Department of Anthropology, Department of Environmental Studies, College of Social Sciences)
  • Giselle Pignotti (Department of Nutrition, Food Science & Packaging, College of Health and Human Sciences)
  • Deepa Singamsetti (Department of Nutrition, Food Science & Packaging, College of Health and Human Sciences)
  • Gigi Smith (Department of Occupational Therapy, College of Health and Human Sciences) 
  • Susan Trimingham (Department of Art and Art History, College of Humanities and the Arts)
  • Andrew Wood (Department Communication Studies, College of Social Sciences)

This fall 2023, we will have 83 students abroad in 17 countries. We are already seeing an increase in the number of applications for exchange for spring 2024. In the past academic year, we have had a few Gilman scholarship recipients. They are: 

  • Rahel Adebabay (Global Studies, College of Social Sciences)
  • Peter Domingo (Art/Studio Practice, College of Humanities and the Arts)
  • Viridiana Galvez Garcia (Business Administration, College of Business)
  • Sophia Garske (Communication Studies, College of Social Sciences)
  • Amanda Harmon (Biomedical Engineering, College of Engineering)
  • Lisette Vasquez Perez (Forensic Science, College of Social Sciences)

Congratulations, we are so proud of you!

The SAA team continues to find innovative ways to promote global learning opportunities for our students, faculty, and staff successfully. To that end, the team successfully launched the Global Ambassador Program in spring 2023. You can read more information and highlights below. The team also relaunched the in-person pre-departure orientation and developed a re-entry course for study abroad returnees, as we continue to find ways to promote the reflection that is critical to any global experience. In addition, we transitioned to  a new website platform for current students and partners.

We are eager to (continue to) work with each and every one of you to find ways to broaden your global learning, teaching and service. Our commitment remains to promote a global ethos on campus and to move forward comprehensive internationalization as a priority for SJSU. Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of the SAA team members with any questions or ideas by contacting them directly or by emailing

In the meantime, we wish you continued success and the best of luck as you navigate the opportunities this fall 2023 semester!

Summer 2024 Faculty-Led Programs (FLP)

Thinking about joining one of our summer Faculty-Led Programs? Now is the time to start planning. Applications are due January 31! Many programs are open to all majors and several fulfill graduation requirements (check the Academics tab of a program for details on the course, prerequisites and requirements it will fulfill).

Asia & Oceania




More Info:

Check out all summer 2024 faculty-led programs here.

Spring 2024 Deadlines Extended

We are extending the Spring 2024 & Calendar Year 2024-2025 study abroad application deadlines for the following SJSU Exchange, CSU IP, and ISEP opportunities in many parts of the world. Please click on the links below to review the program brochures and apply by the respective new deadlines.

SJSU Exchange



International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) is still accepting applications until October 1st, 15th, and November 1st for many of their direct enrolled universities in Argentina, Australia, Botswana, Brazil, Czech Republic, Ecuador, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Scotland, South Korea, U.A.E, and many more.

Need to talk?

Book an appointment with Julie Lucas or Vidalino Raatior to discuss your options.

Scholarship to Study in Florence, Italy

Study in Florence Scholarship

Study in Florence ScholarshipDid you know that the County of Santa Clara has a Sister County relationship with the Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy to promote “intercultural and educational exchange between these regions.”? And did you know that every year they offer scholarships to SJSU students who are applying to study abroad in Florence, Italy for a full year? Did you know that SJSU students can study abroad for a full year on the SJSU-approved CSUIP Florence Center in Italy? If you want more information about the Florence program, please book an appointment with Julie Lucas ( at the SJSU Study Abroad & Away office.

For more information and application on the  scholarship, please visit the Santa Clara County website here.

Gilman Award: Rahel Adebabay

Rahel Adebabay

Congratulations to Rahel Adebabay, a Junior majoring in Global Studies and minoring in African American Studies, Legal Studies, and Philosophy who was one of two SJSU recipients of the Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship to study abroad in the spring 2023 semester. Rahel will be studying at University College Dublin in the spring. Rahel is a Peer Mentor at Peer Connections and a Research Assistant at the African American Studies department. In her personal statement (see below), Rahel, who is proudly of Ethiopian heritage, wrote that she is “eager to embark on a new academic journey and determined to excel while utilizing my leadership abilities to contribute to the campus culture.”

Rahel’s Statement of Purpose

Participating in a study abroad program would profoundly benefit my experience as a Global Studies major. My interest in foreign relations stems from the desire to serve underrepresented groups, travel, and engage with different cultures. I want to utilize my degree to work towards my vision of building a prosperous, united Africa with access to basic needs, economic sustainability, and solid educational infrastructure. As I pursue such domains, the University College Dublin would be the perfect environment to develop the skills necessary to thrive in International Affairs. Not only will I engage in a curriculum directly related to my field, but like-minded individuals will also surround me. San Jose State University is traditionally a STEM-based school, and the student population majoring in International Affairs is slim. Seeing as though the University College Dublin is highly selective and recognized for its programs, I expect my experience to challenge me, academically and personally, as I know this will ultimately make me a well-rounded student and person. Through this program, I hope to gain a new perspective in which to view the world.

Although I consider myself open-minded, I believe traveling to Dublin, Ireland, and experiencing a non-American curriculum will allow me to decenter from an American political perspective. This is especially important as a scholar in the field of International relations because this will challenge my political beliefs, worldviews, and personal values. International Affairs cannot be seen from only one perspective, and acquiring added perspective will make me more analytical and critical in nature. Such attributes will make me an attractive candidate for my future educational pursuits and professional life. Through this experience, I desire to garner skills to become an effective communicator as I am cognizant of the number of people I will meet from various backgrounds with possible language and cultural barriers. Through this experience, I want to learn how to navigate those barriers in communication. This is especially important to me as I hope to work in the peace and war conflict sector, and through this experience, I can drastically improve my communication abilities.

 I believe studying abroad is more than just about academics. It includes studying rich cultures and engaging in diverse communities. I plan to use this cultural understanding to best inform me beyond this academic semester and my day-to-day life. I believe that I am a creative, open-minded student with excellent collaboration skills and a deep-rooted commitment to improving my community. At the University College Dublin, I am eager to embark on a new academic journey and determined to excel while utilizing my leadership abilities to contribute to the campus culture. These qualities prove I would be a great candidate for the Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship program.

Apply For the Gilman Scholarship Now

Holiday Message from the Director

Dear students and campus colleagues,

Congratulations on reaching the end of the fall 2022 semester at SJSU! As I reflect on 2022, I must acknowledge that 2022 was a pivotal year for the Study Abroad and Away (SAA) team, as the COVID-19 pandemic took more of a “back seat” and we were able to resume student mobility across borders, enabling students and faculty to experience international opportunities in person. However, the virtual study abroad experiences continued to be an option. More specifically, over the past two years, the Virtual International Partners (VIP) program allowed many SJSU students to continue their meaningful cultural exchange experiences virtually. Through this program in 2022, we connected 586 SJSU students with 570 international students attending our partner institutions. 

Spring 2022 marked the slow relaunch of study abroad opportunities. In the 2021-22 academic year, we sent 194 students abroad, which encompasses 43 students to 6 countries on exchange programs, and 151 students on 11 faculty-led programs (FLPs) in summer 2022, after two years of hiatus. In fall 2022, we sent 47 exchange students to 14 countries for the semester and 19 students for the academic year. In January 2023, we will be sending 97 students to 6 different countries on faculty-led programs. And in spring 2023, we will be sending 85 students to 18 countries, bringing our total number of exchange students for 2022-2023 to 151, a record number and an increase of 25% since before the pandemic.

As for the SAA team, the year 2022 offered all of us ample opportunity to continue to pivot, to rethink, and to finetune our efforts to support all of you. We have a new team member, Courtney Anne Jackson, who has joined the small but mighty SAA team as a Program Specialist. I am delighted to report that we have an amazing team of advisors who are very student-centered and all of whom have had a wide range of intercultural experiences and backgrounds, making them even more motivated and dedicated to work toward your success. You can read more about our entire team by going here.  

Both new and seasoned SAA team members have worked tirelessly and diligently to serve and support all of you. We continued to think innovatively to engage you and to ensure that we were providing opportunities to continue to promote global learning for all. Just to list a few accomplishments in 2022:

  • We continued to provide advising in a hybrid mode within an expanded time frame, giving you the choice to meet with us either in-person or via zoom throughout each weekday.  
  • We continued to streamline our processes and policies and further developed the information on our website, easing the access to step by step information on deadlines, procedures, etc.
  • We have continued to strengthen our partnerships with campus constituents and partners, essential for the success of our students and our goals for campus internationalization.
  • We have continued to offer our events in a hybrid mode with a transition to a lot more in-person events this year, as we strive to build a robust community to support all of you here at SJSU. Our International Education Week (IEW) events this year were well attended by all.
  • We are grateful for all of your generous support for our new Dr. Ruth Huard Study Abroad Scholarship which launched on SJSU’s Day of Giving. The funds will support our equity-focused scholarship and programming.  To date, we have  raised $1,900. Donations are still being accepted here so please consider a contribution. 
  • Finally, we are thrilled to be able to continue to offer the Louie Barozzi scholarship. Please look for announcements in February 2023 about the application period for the 2023-2024 academic year. In addition, we continue to promote and guide students in applying for the Fulbright, the Gilman and the Boren scholarships.

As a reminder, SAA will be closed for the holidays from December 26th, with the last advising appointments (both in person and virtual) taking place on Thursday, December 22nd. We will resume normal business hours on Tuesday, January 3rd. We look forward to our continued engagement with each and every one of you, in the new year and look forward to meeting with many of you in person.

On behalf of all of us in SAA, enjoy a restful and peaceful holiday season and break. I sincerely hope that the time will allow you to rest and recharge with renewed energy to conquer all your goals and ambitions in 2023. Congratulations again on finishing the fall semester and for all you have accomplished in 2022!

Wishing you joy, peace, and hope in 2023!

Warm regards,

Parinaz Zartoshty
Interim Director of SAA