Don’t miss out on this scholarship opportunity!

The Circle of Friends are offering $2000 scholarships to seven students. The application deadline is Friday, March 19, 2021.

Visit the Circle of Friends website for application details.

The Circle of Friends, founded in 1992, is a coalition of alumni, faculty, students, and friends who have joined together to provide ongoing private support to sustain the department’s dedication to excellence.

Network or Find Jobs with Our Department’s Social Media Groups

Our Facebook and LinkedIn groups are open to current students, graduates, and affiliates of the San José State University Department of Nutrition, Food Science, and Packaging. SJSU NUFS & PKG affiliated alumni, faculty, staff, and preceptors use these groups for professional networking and posting of job positions. Please encourage other SJSU NUFS & PKG affiliates to join!

Facebook Group-SJSU Nutrition, Food Science, and Packaging Department Alumni & Affiliates

LinkedIn Group-SJSU NUFS & PKG Alumni and Affiliates

Professor Alex Feng Recognized for Excellence in Teaching and Student Support by Peer Connections

Dr. Alex Feng was named an “innovative and student-centered” teacher by students who took the Peer Connections’ survey earlier this semester.

Peer Connections “supports students through tutoring, mentoring, supplemental instruction, learning assistants, and student success events in an inclusive, welcoming environment. It serves as a university-wide resource for the promotion of peer learning and retention”.

Congratulations to Dr. Alex Feng!