Recording of Spartan Accelerated Graduate Education (SAGE) Program Informational Session

An informational session was held on Friday, September 02, 2022, from 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. for students to learn more about the Spartan Accelerated Graduate Education (SAGE) Program and the concentrations offered by the Department of Nutrition, Food Science, and Packaging.

Our Bachelors and Masters Combined (4+1) Program, also known as the SAGE Program, can accelerate the route to graduate with two degrees, and decrease total cost by possibly saving one year of paying graduate-level tuition.
There is no GRE test required.
Current Spartan Accelerated Graduate Education (SAGE) Concentrations:
● SAGE 4+1 Nutritional Sciences, Dietetics
● SAGE 4+1 Nutritional Sciences, Applied Nutrition and Food Sciences
● SAGE 4+1 Nutritional Sciences, Food Management

For more information, visit Spartan Accelerated Graduate Education (SAGE) Scholars Program in Nutritional Science.


Department Launches Combined Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Program

The Spartan Accelerated Graduate Education (SAGE) Scholars Program in Nutritional Science is a combined bachelor’s and master’s program. Students in this program pursue a bachelor’s and master’s degree simultaneously. This program allows students to earn graduate credit while in their junior and/or senior year, reducing the number of semesters required for completion of a master’s degree.

Our program is designed to meet the needs of the student who is working towards a baccalaureate degree and seeks advanced preparation in nutrition science, nutrition education, geriatric nutrition, and foodservice/restaurant management. The program is intended to prepare candidates to assume leadership roles in their profession and communities and to provide the opportunity to acquire a foundation for doctoral study.

Applications will be accepted from September 1 until October 1, 2022. Currently, only applications for the spring 2023 semester will be accepted.

For more information, visit Spartan Accelerated Graduate Education (SAGE) Scholars Program in Nutritional Science.

Department Celebrates 2022 Graduates

On May 26, 2022, the Department of Nutrition, Food Science, and Packaging held a celebration to honor their 2022 graduates. Department Chair, Dr. Ashwini Wagle, presented the Student Recognition Awards, which are awarded to graduating students that have shown outstanding performance in their chosen area of study or in service to the community. Graduates were gifted with a department tote bag provided by the Nutrition and Food Science Club and cookies made by Professor Jamie Kubota.

Student Recognition Award Winners

Service: Winnie Liao

Dietetics: Alexander Ray and Debra Buchanan

Applied Nutrition: Zaina Maryam

Food Science: Liying Li

Food Management: Liza Madrid

Packaging: Theresa Halstead


Congratulations to the 2022 Circle of Friends Scholarship Awardees

Each year, the Circle of Friends awards scholarships to eligible students who have demonstrated a dedication to their professional aspirations and have provided exemplary voluntary service to the community, university, or department.

Congratulations to the following scholarship recipients!

Scholarship Awardee
Circle of Friends ($2000) Cassandra Boyd
Jean Downes ($2000) Carolyn Thomas
Elveda Smith Memorial ($2000) Maria Sol Casas
Rose Tseng ($2000) Corinna Costa
James Burke Memorial ($2000) Kitty Tu
Lucy McProud ($2000) Joanna Fung
Bakers Dozen Scholarship ($1000) Staceylline Bumanglag
Bakers Dozen Scholarship ($1000) Caroline Miller

The Circle of Friends is a coalition of Department of Nutrition, Food Science, and Packaging’s alumni, faculty, students, and friends who have joined together to provide ongoing private support to sustain the department’s dedication to excellence.

Retired Professor Dr. Clarie Hollenbeck Honored With CHHS Dean’s Choice Award

At the College of Health and Human Sciences Awards Ceremony on April 22, 2022, retired Department of Nutrition, Food Science, and Packaging professor Dr. Clarie Hollenbeck received the Dean’s Choice Award. This award “honors an individual who has made great contributions in health, wellness and human sciences-related fields that extend beyond their profession or degree” and “recognizes those whose work aligns with and significantly supports the Dean’s current priorities for realizing the mission of the College of Health and Human Sciences”.

Dr. Hollenbeck was at San José State University for 26 years, retiring in 2021. For more than 20 years, they served as the Department’s research coordinator, assisting faculty and graduate students with their research projects. Over their career, they published more than 100 articles.

Congratulations Dr. Hollenbeck!