Retired Professor Dr. Clarie Hollenbeck Honored With CHHS Dean’s Choice Award

At the College of Health and Human Sciences Awards Ceremony on April 22, 2022, retired Department of Nutrition, Food Science, and Packaging professor Dr. Clarie Hollenbeck received the Dean’s Choice Award. This award “honors an individual who has made great contributions in health, wellness and human sciences-related fields that extend beyond their profession or degree” and “recognizes those whose work aligns with and significantly supports the Dean’s current priorities for realizing the mission of the College of Health and Human Sciences”.

Dr. Hollenbeck was at San José State University for 26 years, retiring in 2021. For more than 20 years, they served as the Department’s research coordinator, assisting faculty and graduate students with their research projects. Over their career, they published more than 100 articles.

Congratulations Dr. Hollenbeck!

Catering and Beverage Management Course Featured on CHHS Blog for their “Cross-College Collaboration”

In the College of Health and Human Science’s fall 2021 newsletter, our Catering and Beverage Management course (NUFS 22) is featured in an article titled “Food as Art: A Cross-College Collaboration” by Liza Madrid and Winnie Liao. Head over the the College of Health and Human Science’s Blog to read the full story.

Three Department Faculty Members are Recognized for Their Milestone Years of Service

At the 22nd Annual Faculty Service Recognition Event in April, faculty members from our department were recognized for their years of service.

Congratulations to these honorees from the Nutrition, Food Science, and Packaging Department!

15 Years – Laurie Steinberg

20 Years – Antoinette Bloom

25 Years – Clarie Hollenbeck