Math/Stat Department Advising Reminders for Spring 2018

Math/Stat Department Advising Reminders for Spring 2018
1) Advising Holds for undergrad Math/Stat majors were placed on March 5. Undergrad Math/Stat majors need to make an appointment to see their advisor for advising. After their advising appointment the advisor can remove the student’s advising hold. Students should receive an email from Dr. Hsu informing them who their advisor is but if you have not received such an email contact Dr. Hsu MH 419 or Dr. Jackson MH 316. If you had a Math/Stat advisor in the fall then your advisor for the spring should be the same person unless you changed your major.
2) This semester we will be testing out a new advising tool called Myplanner so we suggest that you check out Myplanner on MySJSU before you go to your advising meeting with your advisor. You will need to set Myplanner up properly by inputting the number of units you want to take each semester for it to give you a reasonable schedule. You and your advisor can start with the Myplanner schedule and make any appropriate changes during your meeting so using Myplanner might reduce the time required for your mandatory advising meeting. Students should make an effort to finish their advising and getting their advising hold removed by May 1 which is the start of advance registration for Fall 2018 classes for continuing students. Generally students can register for up to 16 units at this time. Students can find their own individual enrollment appointment for registration for Fall 2018 classes on MySJSU starting April 16.
3) Newly admitted students can view their advising appointments on MySJSU starting Monday June 11. Advance Registration for Fall 2018 New Admits begins Monday June 18. New admits who need advising can contact Professor Jackson by email ( He will come in for advising roughly once a week during the summer. Newly admitted freshman math majors are required to attend a freshman orientation where they will receive advising, and newly admitted transfer students are required to attend TIP (transfer information program).
4) Deadline for Undergrads to Apply for Spring/Summer/Fall 2018 Graduation Mon. Mar. 19. Starting Friday June 29 Graduating Seniors who filed for graduation by Monday March 19 can enroll for usually up to 19 units. Starting Friday July 6 all continuing students can enroll for usually up to 19 units. Tuesday October 2 is the last day to apply for spring/summer 2019 graduation with 1 semester priority registration, or Fall 2019 graduation with 2 semester priority registration.
5) Friday December 21 Fall 2018 grades due from faculty (preliminary deadline). Tuesday January 1 grades due from Faculty (final deadline).
6) College of Science Advising Center DH 212 (408) 924-5193 Students who are planning to graduate should schedule a graduation workshop at COSAC. Math/Stat majors who are on probation should schedule a probation workshop with Mr. Jason Wong. He can remove a probation hold but he will not remove your major advising hold which must be removed by your Math/Stat advisor. Math/Stat majors who need GE advising can also make an appointment with Mr. Wong.
7) Changing your major to math: If you are interested in changing your major to Math or Stat contact Dr. Jackson for advising. Requirements for changing your major to Math. 1. A C- or better in Calculus I (Math 30 or Math 30P) or AP credit for Calculus I; Students with at least 60 units are also required to have a C- or better in Math 31 and Math 32. (or an approved upper division course). 2) A C- or better in Discrete Math (Math 42); 3) A 2.0 GPA or higher in all mathematics courses taken, Precalculus (Math 19) and above. Change of major form. A change of major form can be found on the office of the registrar website. The form can be dropped off at the math office for approval and to get signed by Dr Blockus. The form can then be returned to the registrar’s office for final approval. Students with more than 90 units who are changing their major must also get approval from AARS.
8) Math minor advising: If you are interested in being a math minor contact Dr. Blockus MH 311 for advising. Math 30 or 30P, 31, 9 units of upper division math are required for a minor in math, at least 12 units of coursework must be completely distinct and separate from the coursework in the major.

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