Job Opportunity: Health Fitness Corportation

Health Fitness Corporation, a national health improvement and fitness management service, is contracted to Lockheed Martin in Sunnyvale, CA and helps run their fitness facilities, recreational departments and internship program.

They are looking for interns throughout the year who are a junior or senior level student and pursuing their degree in physical education, exercise physiology, kinesiology, recreation, health education, health promotion or related field.  In the past we have had one or more students from your program participate in our internship program and they have all been great candidates for a further career with HFC.  This would help juniors and seniors earn their internship hours.

A description of the internship program, needed qualifications, about HFC and how to contact them is below.  All interested students must first submit their resume to our national office, but can include in their request what city and state they wish to work in.  If any students have further questions about a possible intern position specifically here at Lockheed Martin, they are welcome to contact Ms. Hoopes (info below).

For more information, contact,


Program Coordinator



Phone: 408.742.7706

Fax: 408.742.8829


Healthy Lifestyle Principles & Foundations of Group Exercise: New Courses Offered by KIN Department at Timpany Center

Women exercising in pool


When:10/8 from 5 – 9pm (Healthy Lifestyle Principles); 10/13 from 8am-5pm (Group Fitness Leader)What:YMCA Healthy Lifestyles/ACE Group Fitness Leader Certification

Where:Timpany Center

Cost: $120

Healthy Lifestyle PrinciplesCourse Description

YMCA Healthy Lifestyle Principles is the prerequisite course for all other YMCA of the USA Health and Well-Being certification courses. It provides practical and theoretical information for instructors of all YMCA Health and Well-Being programs, including information on effective leadership, basic physical activity and healthy lifestyle principles, and program safety guidelines. The course also covers the YMCA mission, philosophy, and the national program training and certification system.

*    18 years of age, please bring proof
*    Current CPR

Foundations of Group Exercise: Course Description:
This course is designed to train staff members in the basics of conducting all varieties of group exercise classes. Course content includes the practical application of cardiorespiratory and neuromuscular exercise science, leadership and teaching skills for group exercise instructors, behavior modification and motivation information, and a practical session on general exercise selection and execution. This course is the required prerequisite for all other courses in the YMCA of the USA Health and Well-Being Group Exercise track.

*    YMCA Healthy Lifestyle Principles OR Principles of YMCA Health and Fitness certification
*    Current CPR certification
*    Before the course, read the ACE Group Fitness Instructor Manual
*    Minimum age 18 years old

PLEASE CONTACT DR. MEGGINSON IMMEDIATELY IF YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS TRAINING.  Call the Timpany Center (408-283-9036) or email nancy.megginson@sjsu ASAP.